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  1. ok if you're succesful with this then its obv fine. but i got a couple questions: how scared are you of gutshots getting there on the turn with 8%, especially on the button? which hands do you use to bluff raise on this flop vs these competent villains? if there are none, are u fine with them knowing you always have at least 2 pair when you raise flop? instead of the 9, the turn is an ace - the bb goes broke with A4o - do you still say flop is a raise? the turn actually is 9, both villains call turn. the river is an offsuit 2, you bet river, both villains snap fold. do you regret not raising flop? idk maybe im overthinking it. i dont have a flop raising range here 3way.
  2. pre: standard call flop: always just calling the flop, i dont see how keeping BB's weak range and OR's bluff cbets in the pot is a bad thing on a dry flop with a set. we also allow BB to squeeze whatever he has. turn: i dont mind the 41% sizing. they only hands that beat you are JT/99 (19 combos). flopped sets and 2pairs will raise flop most of the time. you beat turned 2pairs Q9, 98, 94s (15 combos). plus you beat turned draws. now the question is, is villain straight forward or random (way too tight/way too loose). a quick google search shows me that villain has accounts on all the poker forums, has won a scoop event and sold action for a $500. this means that ingame my tracker would show me reg stats most likely. we cant just continue with the nuts here, we get just exploited too easily this way. this is way too tight starting the hand with 40bb. you are also underrepresented and look like u attacking the checks. i'm not folding, especially with equity vs JT. he almost puts us all-in, i get it in on turn. your line is pretty much the same i would take as well, including sizes. another thing to note is that it's a thing under regs now to raise the flop with gutshots! it doesn't apply here tho because it's not a HU pot. but still this info is worth something. some regs certainly will pop it to about 20k on flop with the gutshot. ingame it might be a bit different with the dynamic, but just without much info reading this hh folding turn looks like a big hero fold. raising flop/checking turn wouldve been mistakes imo. edit1:another thing to note is that you probably not calling pre with JTo, so you have FOUR combos of the nuts, which makes it even easier to raise you on the turn. villain has 16 of those, and he's probably aware of that. edit2: i remember a similiar spot in a 3k live event, it was vs a world class russian player. i thin value bet my AK on a board of AJ268 or something, he repoped all-in, i tanked for at least 10 min and heroed him. he had super random TT, and rest of table told me they never seen him doing it. i did it because i was aware of what i'm representing and i was also aware that he knows i cant call a shove. also after my turn check it woulda been VERY greedy to check a hand that has me beat. the point is we can never discount random shit and if i do this in a 3k live event i probably not folding online $22. and yes im also aware that you probably called him and he turned over JTo and you didnt improve. it just happens imo.
  3. please use a converter. i will try to post my thoughts on this soon. interesting spot. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, 22 Tournament, 700/1,400 Blinds 175 Ante (9 Spieler) - PokerStars Converter Tool from http://de.flopturnriver.com SB (t30,792) BB (t84,099) UTG (t27,126) UTG+1 (t89,486) MP1 (t88,776) MP2 (t63,465) MP3 (t58,607) CO (t43,582) Hero (Button) (t67,884) Hero's M: 18.47 Preflop: Hero ist Button mit 8, 8 2 folds, MP1 raises to t3,150, 3 folds, Hero calls t3,150, 1 fold, BB calls t1,750 Flop: (t11,725) 8, 4, Q(3 Spieler) BB checks, MP1 bets t5,628, Hero calls t5,628, BB calls t5,628 Turn: (t28,609) 9(3 Spieler) BB checks, MP1 checks, Hero bets t11,730, BB raises to t29,954, 1 fold Gesamt Pot: t52,069 Ergebnisse : Hero didn't show 8, 8. BB zeigt nicht
  4. on this flop its a huge cooler. but if they go broke light postflop anyway i like flatting pre more. i see no reason buiilding the pot like this without AA/KK out of position vs a table full of stations.
  5. hey guys just saw this somehow. i went to study computer science and havent played for those 3 years. i never struggled to mincash (lol) and played for fun very rarely. i just had great 3 years without poker and thats it. this time showed me that playing cards in front of a computer 24/7 is not the way i want to spend my time. im sry that im not posting anymore, i just moved away from forums and social media almost completely which happened naturaly. i'm back on the grind now, very motivated again, and probably will post a little more in the future. let's make 2018 our year!
  6. thx man. yea i was a fan kind of. the way they are going is just rly disappointing.
  7. So, after disconnecting a buncha players and canceling tourneys on several days, after giving us these shitty boxes and pretty much removing rakeback completely, today the following happened: my opponent and me got into heads up and wanted to chop the hot11. after waiting for like 10 minutes a message popped up in the client saying the chop feature is not availibe right now and we HAVE TO play it out. this happened to another player i know in the bounty builder 16.50 at the same time as well. it literally said we have to play it out. not like "send us an email" or something. this is a huge joke imo. id rly like to know how this can happen. is there really not a single mod out there who can just setup an even chop which is done in like 2 minutes? its ridicolous. and btw i got disconnected during this ft for like 3 hands until i restarted the client. and the disconnect was pretty stupid as well, since i saw the others play and i simply didnt get any hands dealt and there was the disconnected writing on me. wasnt on my side. kinda tilted by all this stuff. its a joke for sure, but its not funny. really. i dont know if this ever happened before and sorry if this is a repost. i just find nothing about it on google (thx to pokerstars' "the deal") so i thought i share it here.
  8. preflop: raising isnt bad, but id like to have as many people as possible in the pot while set mining and not chasing the blinds away. im not interested in isolating people here to win the pot postflop, since 77 wont flop well most of the time and i will make too many pure bluffs to win a very small pot. i usually only raise there to build the pot so i can get it in easily post flop in case i hit. on the micros this isnt necessary imo. flop: always calling the 1bb. turn + river: i think u was very lucky there. with so many players in the pot on such a wet flop i just try to get to the river/give up vs normal bets.
  9. i think the big problem with shoving here is that you prolly will get at least 1-2 callers. i wouldn't sit there with that typa stack in a cg in the first place prolly. what you're saying is basicly that you can shove any 2 there. i dont think this is correct, esp in a game full of stations and there's just no pressure behind the shove (cause it's cash and people will just reload). they will call you with 97s "cause of math". i still would shove lots of hands with potential, but 59o is just a terrible hand. edit: oh too late :)
  10. hahaahaha good boy! sry guys prolly not in, not grinding much after wcoop, wina acc frozen anyway, forgot to send them my id. gl to everyone else! some in the german team are really good, shouldnt be a problem for ger.
  11. i think one of the biggest things tilt fucked up is replacing all the awesome big guarantee multi entries with shity low guarantee re-entries while still taking rake for re-entries (stars doesnt do that, so wtf?). and yeah agree besides FTOPS there's no reason to play there at all.
  12. oh wait this wasn't farts graph lol. forget the 5k hu part. lol wtf this is one sick graph edit: [05.08.2013 03:31:44] Fariborz Fakour: if i finish first you win 21k not that it matters much, but 21k was the full 10% of first place money. so no matter what a bullshit excuse u come up with, it doesnt count now, and never did
  13. i didnt read the whole x hours plus of play in the chat log, seen him complain about all the donkeys a lot and also post his hands in skype. i cant remember about op offering ghosting at all, but if a guy i have shares of would post his hands in skype all the time and say what he wanna do, if it sounds bad to me id i ghost him as well by disagreeing, which is what ercan did. for the most part, ercan told him to calm down and not tilt after lost pots, etc. but it was obv that fartwhater knew he cant make it on his own and demanded help. i read a lot when he played during the tourney pre final table, but skipped to the part when it was over. anyway, if we look at the "law", a guy who was deep in the million let himself ghost, while playing through a vpn from a country where stars isnt allowed (i guess it isnt, from the posts above, and also cause i cant remember ever seeing a player from iran). i recommend u think about it again fart, the only reason why u still have all the money is to give u a chance to pay what u owe. 3 words: ghosting, VPN, scamming. if stars gets to see the chat logs, where u posted a lot of hands, admitted to using something like VPN to be able to play, plus scammed in a deal u innitiated, u gonna pay back every single cent of ur chop to stars, which means u will have to work hard to get the money back u donked off in 5k hu SNGs plus the 3k u already sent to ercan, but hey ur a real life rich person, no problem for u. if u can use google u will see stars will own ur soul in court. no, this is not just bullshit. yes, u will regret not paying what u owe. pay, right now. what exactly is the pronblem?? look at ur graph, ercan helped u getting a life changing score! WHY THE FUCK DONT U JUST PAY HIS MONEY??? nobody ever ever ever would swap % with u, ercan did it cause he considered u as a friend!! what the fuck is wrong with u????
  14. Dont know how old u guys are, but im playing over 100 tourneys a day sometimes, and even if i played the majority of my grinding days much less tourneys, i never had any problems with my wrist. I also got a trackball mouse cause i dont have much space for a mouse if i decide to play on the laptop, but i dont know it's really "hectic". I have to constantly move my thumb, cause i cant snap put the pointer at a certain spot without correcting. Dont know maybe i have to practice that more, used the trackball like 2 days and am grinding on desktop pc since then. For people who just have an uncomfy mouse i wouldnt recommend getting a trackball, rather get an ergonomic mouse. Imo, it isnt Life changing at all to go from moving ur wrist to moving ur thumb. If i play i hardly move my mouse at all. It just kinda almost stays in the same spot all the time. Sometimes also the whole arm works too much, for example i cant even use my mouse on my table cause i would either lean too much to the front or my arm would be stretched too much and my hand would have a bad position. To my right i put the cat tree which is leaning to the wall and my mouse lies right next to me on the middle platform of the tree, at the height of my belly. Some just use their mouse on the table for years and wonder why it starts to hurt. I think it's important that the hand isn't bend, so arm and hand have to be straight, hope u know what i mean, found out that its hard to explain in english with all the words i never even use in german :) just try the following, i did this prolly the whole last winter: put a blanket on ur lap or just smth u can move ur LASER MOUSE on, and then just play like this. Your whole arm will rest all the time and u will make really small movements with your mouse. My wrist doesnt move AT ALL while im playing, my arm moves. I just simulated playing with moving the wrist instead of my arm and i cant believe that people use a mouse like this. I guess that this is how you play if ur arm is too stretched, cause that way i couldnt make precise movements too. Cliffs: Put ur arm into 90 degree and play with moving ur arm instead of moving ur wrist. It's not the fault of the mouse guys. Btw, i have some logitech mouse, pretty popular gamer mouse, forgot how it's called. Has a camouflage look.
  15. rich real life person??? u need to sell action for the sunday mil and in the chat logs u wrote that u opened and closed the lobby a million times and really wasnt sure if u should play this tourney (because the buy-in is just huge for u i guess). just pay back what u owe?!?!
  16. i was a bit of a witness of this. ercan is a friend of mine. he's a honest guy! i read all the chat logs (very very long) and can confirm that the other guy started acting stupid and scammed him. pay back what you owe!
  17. i own a macbook pro, it's great after i upgraded some stuff, altho the stuff should be there already for that price. anyway, for poker it's not great. many software aren't availible for mac. i think at some point u will see that it's pretty hard to live completely without windows and you will want to install windows on bootcamp so you can decide in which system u wanna boot.
  18. Thx will try that game. What exactly is this? http://www.breakmentaldown.com/2011/04/hey-after-tragedy-that-occurred-in.html?m=1 Dont quite understand what is written there. 3 people were killed? With dice? Whut?
  19. why u pick the softest tourney of the week to do that?
  20. There's an awesome game in the game "red dead redemption" and in the movie "pirates of the carribean". i know there's another game called poker dice, but the game im refering to is called "poker dice" in german basicly. if u know what game im talking about, are there any online casinos who offer that game to play against other players? here are the rules: - can be played with basicly any amount of players i think - everybody gets 5 dice - all players mix the dice in a dice shaker and put it on the table, everybody can look at their dice at any time, just like they look at their cards in live poker (without showing anyone) - then someone begins and for example says "there are 4x III-eyed dice on the whole table" (sry if it's wrong to call them "eyed", i never played that game with english speaking people) - the next player has several options: --- he can "raise" and say any amount that is above the previous one, so here the minimum would be 5+x I-eyed dice or 4+x IIII-eyed dice --- he can say it's a "lie", then all players remove their dice shakers and if there are less than 4x III-eyed dice on the WHOLE table, the player who made the claim loses a die (if there are at least four III-eyed dice, the player who claimed it was a lie loses a die) --- he can say there are "exactly" four III-eyed dice, and if he's right then the guy who claimed there are at least four III-eyed dice loses a die, else the player who said "exactly" loses a die (this one is risky and usually is only used when there arent many dice left in the game, i had huge leveling wars with friends when playing the game, u also always have to think about how realistic ur claim would be, etc) this is a very fun game, which is mathematical and also psychological. when i played it with my class mates on a 1-week vacation, there was a talented girl who basicly won almost every game, she just always knew whats going on and kinda embarassed me, cause i shoulda been the best cause of poker. id really love to play that game online! it can basicly also be played as a tournament, shootout would be optimal for it, since u never win dice, u only lose them. maybe the game also can be changed so everytime you are responsible if someone loses a die, you just get it and increase your "dice stack". live this would be pretty hard to do, cause the shakers would need to be huge at some point, but online it maybe would be possible. thoughts on the game or on the idea to offer it online? btw u dont necessarily get far by knowing the exact math, like heads-up, if u know someone's tendencies u can own them, for examply my opponent and i have 3 dice left each, i claim i have 1x IIIIII, and he then only can raise, and if he does i say it's a lie, he shows me his one IIIIII expecting me to have a 2nd, but i just lied and didnt have one, so he loses one die. just an example. i also once won with 2 dice left vs my opponent's 5 dice, he seemed to crush that round, but we all agreed afterwards that i beat him heads-up with skill more or less. it's really awesome. sry for the long-ish post, im just trying to find people who think this game has a huge potential to become as popular as texas holdem one day. edit: CLIFF NOTES: http://reddead.wikia.com/wiki/Liar%27s_Dice
  21. You have no edge with that stack size. I wouldnt think about making hero folds there, especially if someone doesnt care and is basicly dead money or steals outs from the other guy with ace rag.
  22. Order one redicerap now and get one free! For a limited time only! It was actually my awesome example of how ridic it would be for me to come to a fighting forum and tell the fighters that they're pussies if the don't play me HU for 100k. Glad I could help man.

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