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  1. Fall 2017 NJCOOP/GSSS Competition

    auction seems quite silly for teams of 3
  2. is it 20 scores max per person? asking for a friend
  3. any word when last week and this weeks sundays "main" will get in here?
  4. yea if papamat isn't in..im out..plz send $ back..he was one of first to comment and sent before ur deadline..this thing should be open to as many as possible.
  5. New Jersey GSSS Contest

    cant really tell people not to chop..its their $, they should be able to do what they want. don't care about teams being even..but then they should be a min/max on team members so its not like 3vs4vs5vs15.
  6. New Jersey GSSS Contest

    Its just a really silly rule in general...something bizarre could come up where someone cant play as much as they thought and it will be hard for them to cash once. Odds are everyone will prob cash once bc theres so many fucking events..but please get rid of it. If two people crush and their worst player didn't feel like playing for xxx reason you cant penalize them bc they didn't chose to have that person on their team.
  7. New Jersey GSSS Contest

    In..will play everything I can..cant do it $ wise..needs to be plbs...all players on a team shouldn't have to cash..thats just silly..if one guy carries the team, he/she carries the team.
  8. everyone will be on a captains team....there are 9 captains and 27 others. the 9 captains each pick 3 of the others in the draft to form a team of 4.
  9. like I come on here or no where to even look
  10. in...think it should be something like best 7-8 scores per player...also interested in doing a head to head or high stakes separate one with anyone up to whatever $1k I guess? Not sure how we would go about holding money, but they don't call me Mr. Integrity for no reason. no interest in being a captain as well. carry on gags
  11. 2011 Masters Pool

    sent on stars from wildman75 Phil Mickelson Tiger Woods Ernie Els Bubba Watson Geoff Ogilvey Stewart Cink Sean O'Hair
  12. 2011 Masters Pool

    im in
  13. I Pay Ur Rent on a Mission......

    luckboxes gonna luckbox...haha just fuckin with ya matt...keep it up sicko
  14. OT golfers

    i refuse to play unless it is at least 60deg.
  15. Petie_BigStacks ships Monday 1K!!!!!!!

    congrats..very nice
  16. Would folding here be retarded?

    any draw is a swing and miss
  17. Scouting Report Requests -- Top 1,000 Worldwide

    hustla16 on some sites...lucky on all...the end :)
  18. Atlantic City regulars..please help

    THE LEGEND!!!!! omg..i knew it was gonna be him too...oh man..good times
  19. D1rtyr1v3r tho

    keep it going tony
  20. hsp season 7 (spoiler alert)

    he folded mainly bc the guy insta bet more than 2x pot..and i guess he felt the guy was capable of just doing the same on later streets, and didnt think this kinda player was capable of doing that with worst. im sure after watching that a8 hand he played vs antonio, doyle might regret it. But doyle def goes with his gut, i can remember the flush over flush hand with jamie as well as a few others. If he thinks he is beat, he folds, and doesnt even give it much thought really. Prob why he has stood the test of time in these cash games. norm sucks too..u cant tell if he is joking or not bc of his monotone speech. its fucking brutal
  21. UB Advice???

    wait thats not how its done these days?
  22. ZackAttack13 owns February21st makes run for plb

    the kid does it BIGGG...real biggggg
  23. 2/24 FTP Update

    Im so happy i kept bugging about D..thank you very much

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