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  1. In...although will only be playing nlh events
  2. Hey everyone, I am selling one bullet at 1.05 for the Fall main event next week here at Borgata. 5% min please, ty!
  3. just win the 1k tonight sorry to hear about the sick kids...our 2 year old has been sick every month for the past 4 months, and we both got it 3/4 times. Really really SUCKS. makes your job and this bet inf harder. glgl
  4. I've lived in Rosarito for over a year. It's very quiet, safe and inexpensive to live there. I started a thread about it in TWSS on 2+2 called 'my move to mexico for online poker' when I moved there in 2012. There's lots of pics that can give you a feel about the poker community there, which is about 250-300 players throughout the year.
  5. What happens when you win more than $5k in a poker tournament? What happens when you win more than $5k in a cash game? What is the rate of taxation/how much is witheld? Where are hh files stored so that I can direct HM to use them? Why does 888 customer support not know the answers to these questions?

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