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  1. hey so its been a while since ive last tried to retrieve this audio clip,mookmonster is my brother and i would love to try and find this if anyone can help. Here is the original post http://www.pocketfives.com/f13/i-recorded-myself-reading-post-mookmonster-219425/ thread a few years back http://www.pocketfives.com/f13/mrtimcaum-reading-664244/#post6871853 any help is much appreciated thanks, happy new year!
  2. Hey so I am in montreal for the weekend and tonight I am free and wanted to play poker. Did some research and saw playground poker had some 80$ freeze out. Was gonna go play and was wondering if anyone has been there and how the place is. My main concern was parking as I was gonna drive down from where I'm staying. Any feedback is appreciated thanks
  3. you nailed it bro..enjoy the twitter account!
  4. Hey, So a while ago i posted a thread http://www.pocketfives.com/f13/atlantic-city-regulars-please-help-622331/#post6140307 about a mystery atlantic city man. I am happy to say that a while ago i found out who it was and i now share that information with all of you. May you enjoy his misadventures and various twitter posts. https://twitter.com/DirtyACPokerGuy
  5. Bgx. My brother, mookmonster, signed up for the 50, he can't post bc. Of. Week. Ban.. he. Said he's getting. Grizzlybear to send to you
  6. Thanks guys but id like his name lol
  7. Beldar if you can just find out his name that would be awesome. Thanks!
  8. Any other info on this guy is appreciated
  9. ok so every time i go to ac and i mean every time no matter where i am or what time i go i always spot this man. He is of average height and pretty fat. He always wears comical t-shirts such as kryptonite homer simpson shirts and respect my authority cartman shirts. He is clearly balding but somehow has long stringy hair past his shoulders. He can be seen combing his hair on more then one occasion. He has graced my presence in the midnight taj tourney one evening(which he was staked the 80$ buy in) I do not know his background or financial situation but i can be relatively sure he is not wealthy as seen by his appearance/lifestyle. Today i saw him at the borgata and i spoke a few words to him regarding a MTT. I then took a photograph of him w.o his consent, but i neglected to ask for his name. I might have been a little scared. Any help on who this mystery AC degen is will help. Please post all the credible info on this man you can. Thanks, CLIFF NOTES: WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY>
  10. QUESTION BOYS.. Got a $500 draft ton. 12 teams PPR..I have the last pick. People avail should be: Moss, Marshall, Fitz, Wayne, Mendenhall, Austin... Do i go RB-WR or grab 2 elite wideouts? if so which 2 WRs??
  11. chuck norris uses a nightlight not because he is scared of the dark but because the dark is scared of him
  12. go to google.com and type in 'where is chuck norris' and click im feeling lucky..dont know if its a repost but i found this amusing
  13. harrahs is pretty chill with the poker room..its a small room and they usually dont bust balls about having an ID..cant remember anytime ive been ided in that poker room. That might be your best bet, just dont play any tournaments because if you do well theyll ask for an id. I think they have regular 1/2-2/5 NL plus 2/4-3/6 limit..its a small place but less likely to bust ya chops as long as you dont act like a tool
  14. shes hot but im into smurfette
  15. yea i agree..i caught the first 3 episodes at my friends house. I am a little pissed how hes coaching at ghetto east dillion but whatever..i would still also like to see some actual football as they showed in the past..its not like what it used to be but i would still enjoy to see some of it...guess ill just wait till it airs on nbc this summer to catch the rest
  16. does anyone know when the new season is coming on nbc?..its getting annoying trying to watch it online and finding someone who has direct tv..thanks
  17. good luck all and thanks for running this again
  18. sent 25$ from bigdan787 on pokerstars..thanks for doing this again Im PMing you my picks w.o the spaces
  19. no he doesnt have steve smith in FF i dont mind all the running as long as deangelo starts getting some yards here
  20. steven begleiter because if he can win anyone can but on a serious note id have to say phil ivey, but it would be cool to see joe cada win
  21. hey u gotta stoop to some some level..nothing like watching the violation of a loved one to get someone to pay up

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