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  1. The game is tough and sometimes it doesn't matter how many times you can get it in ahead, but you are playing the game which takes a lot of luck and hoping to win a flip. Berating a fish won't do you any good...cause you are just scaring them away! You should be happy fishes calls you with worst hands possible but you cant be mad when they hit. Tough at times but keep thinking positive or else you will probably tilt others games and out in any seconds just cause one game change your whole focus. A professional poker player will just take the beat and go on to next. Hoping to see that person who beats you and take it from there. #stayclassy
  2. WOW...what kind of a human being are you??? You should be ashamed of yourself! threatening a horse because he hasn't win anything is just LOL! A backer should know poker isn't all bout winning, sometimes u lose too! Maybe Asylum is just running bad! give the fkn guy a break! JUST WOW!
  3. had less than 1 big blind with 30 ppl left and shipped the trny today :) and it's turbo!
  4. How dafaq is my name brought up here? Seriously Elimherr? Gratz BEN!
  5. LOL @ donkaments! SHIP IT IMO!
  6. Think last time i posted something he said Mexico which is mid March something guess he changed his mind and moving to canada... oh well gl OP!
  7. Also i think that is how vamo flirts around girls float with nothing and get there :) then say #PWNED
  8. ^ ul i guess but this is how vamo wins :) vamoooooooooooooooooooooooo
  9. HE never plays this trny and decided to play i guess idk, maybe he saw my name and want to level me. This was his last sn (BonerJuice) lol. Hand#3262D4D854000278 - $1,000 GTD R&A T13949012 -- TICKETCASH -- $15 + $1.5 -- 9 Max -- Table 4 -- 30/150/300 NL Hold'em -- 2013/03/11 - 02:42:40 Dealer: Seat 3 Seat 1: TheGreatAle (36,792 in chips) Seat 2: IStealUrChip (10,131 in chips) Seat 3: BonerJuice (29,184 in chips) Seat 4: H8rsCanH8 (15,113 in chips) Seat 5: saltlife01 (21,286 in chips) Seat 7: JimmyGimli (11,565 in chips) Seat 8: ercolen1 (6,141 in chips) Seat 9: rittlelock (16,412 in chips) Seat 10: Aroundasky (14,376 in chips) TheGreatAle: posts ante of 30 IStealUrChip: posts ante of 30 BonerJuice: posts ante of 30 H8rsCanH8: posts ante of 30 saltlife01: posts ante of 30 JimmyGimli: posts ante of 30 ercolen1: posts ante of 30 rittlelock: posts ante of 30 Aroundasky: posts ante of 30 H8rsCanH8: posts small blind 150 saltlife01: posts big blind 300 Dealt to H8rsCanH8 [Ad,Ac] JimmyGimli: folds ercolen1: folds IStealUrChip chats: lol rittlelock: raises to 600 Aroundasky: folds TheGreatAle: folds IStealUrChip: folds BonerJuice: raises to 1,333 H8rsCanH8: raises to 2,898 saltlife01: folds rittlelock: folds BonerJuice: raises to 4,899 TheGreatAle chats: push rittlelock chats: 2 people to a hand sir H8rsCanH8: raises to 7,345 BonerJuice: calls 2,446 *** FLOP *** [5c,7h,2d] H8rsCanH8: bets 4,500 BonerJuice: calls 4,500 *** TURN *** [8c] H8rsCanH8 chats: guess aa? H8rsCanH8: is all in 3,238 BonerJuice: calls 3,238 BonerJuice: shows [5d Jd] H8rsCanH8: shows [Ad Ac] BonerJuice chats: nope TheGreatAle chats: lal BonerJuice chats: you have aa *** RIVER *** [Jc] ***SHOW DOWN*** BonerJuice chats: im tired BonerJuice wins 31,336 with Two Pairs Jacks and Fives rittlelock chats: oh **** TheGreatAle chats: OMFG BonerJuice chats: and oi
  10. Thought ur moving to canada like months ago..so confused!
  11. Flatting 5bet with j5 vs my AA def run pure! Someday i'll run like you :)
  12. I play better when i multi tables! I have to have at least 6 tables up or its's a boring session :( my most on sunday is 20 tables.
  13. Can coach u on how to bubble :) might be to expensive tho!
  14. Sigh i remember taking down 5 mtts after having a 8k downswing for 2 weeks! What happen to my run good? oh and GJ TROY!
  15. Might want to get your eyes checked, it's ma'am to you sir :)

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