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  1. I gotta be perfectly honest, I still don't even really know how the old rankings worked let alone the new ones. Sounds like this is gonna hurt my cause though since I'm only really going to be playing two days a week for the next while. Boo-urns. Enjoy #1 choppy, I'll still try to give you a sweat.
  2. Do you really think, in a $33 tournament when my ABI is $150, after an overcaller, with 50 chips in the pot, and just 90 to call, 150 BB deep, I wouldn't peel with ANY heart combos unless it included an Ace? Do you think that like, only nut flushes are worth stacking off with or something? You really need to open up your imagination, and presumably, your poker game. Steve Murkle asked the most important question here, and for the record, I didn't know he was a reg. If I had, I certainly would have checked the river because I would expect my opponent to bet his entire overpair value range here hoping I'd call with a worse OP or perhaps even a 10 (but the latter is doubtful and ambitious given the early stage of the tournament and his line), and I can guarantee myself value with my *drumroll* 7h9h, instead of open shoving the river in a spot I can never really be bluffing and knowing he'd be good enough to dump. However, since I assumed he was a random in a $33 tournament I figured he wouldn't be capable of folding QQ-AA and might just be bad enough to check back those hands on the river (albeit unlikely, but I've seen it happen before, and now that I've made my hand, I may as well jam if I don't ever really expect a fold from a pedestrian mind).
  3. Backdoor flushes only come if you believe in them. Entitied.
  4. slow down buddy March PLB is mine.
  5. Bump. Shipped stars 50r today and party $109 yesterday. Guaranteed triple crown #2 on the way.
  6. kev mode is like the chuck norris of poker- miggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  7. As far as guys that already play high stakes, expect big things from bananazoo and youaremelon (unless you already consider zoo a breakout due to his sicko August and December in 2011). Midstakes grinders that should be taking leaps this year are kevvybrown, Mo G Kush, and expect a bounceback year from tuna_fish_tank!
  8. kevmode, stop embarrassing yourself and Rounder by comparing him to one of the most successful and unique online tournament poker players ever, who also at the height of his success turned $10,000 into a million dollars at the PCA last year. I like Nick, so if you think you're "sticking up for your boy" or some bullshit, you're not. You're making him a target to be berated for not being as good as one of the better players out there. Walk it off. Sit the next couple plays out. Find a better spot. I've spoken up about the volume thing before, and simply put, anyone playing over 20-30 tables (including myself from time to time) is constantly getting exploited by good players with less volume. Bottom line. Stop worrying about potentially missing out on the $16 turbo or the $3r 34234x and focus on the Big 109 or $100r that you're getting deep in before I take all your chips because you're not paying enough attention you dolt.
  9. I heard it's a hassle to get a PS.fr account. I wish I'd heard about that super 1K before the day of and I probably would have looked into getting an account to play it. Ironically, NigDawg was the one whole told me about it, haha. What kind of dailies does .fr have?
  10. Won another stars tourney last night and another betfair on Friday. Back to back week Triple Crowns? One time party poker. I'm coming for you MOOOOOOOOOORRRRR!
  11. We all know what a zoo's gotta zoo, and we all know what a zoo's been zooing.
  12. you're such a monster, makin' the rest of us look bad.
  13. ya very frustrating, especially since I don't know how to find the information from that tournament; not a single one of my ladbrokes scores have been tracked...
  14. nice score sunday luke
  15. 2nd in ladbrokes major for $17k euro
  16. Good start for us. G's zee 2nd in $265 KO for around 12k. breathe.
  17. If there were one or two callers I would certainly 3 bet with the intention of getting it in with the original raiser or any of the flatters. If I were to 3 bet in that situation it might be viewed as a squeeze by one of my opponents, especially the original opener, so there's a better chance the four bet by xavitops could be as weak as AJ/AQ/A10s. If the raise came from later position like the CO/BU/SB, I would 3 bet with the intention of calling off the 4 jam/5 jamming it in if he four bets. Hope that helps.
  18. Just a classic example of needing to have a game plan... If you're not three betting with the intention of getting it in preflop, why would you EVER 3 bet here? Although I find xav to be particularly spewy, I still think it's unlikely that he is 4 betting you in that light here considering you're raising from the BB on his EP open... i think he turns up 99-AA and AK almost always here, with his most likely holding being AK/QQ/JJ (I'm not sure if he would just zap in the 40 BB with 99-1010, and presumably he would 4 bet KK/AA or possibly flat). Personally, I would rarely three bet AK in this spot because despite most player's laggy perception of me, it's unlikely my opponent will ever put in much worse given the positions (EP open, BB 3 bet). Flat, under-repping your hand and play accordingly; don't give away your leverage by putting in over 40 BB with AK when you never have his range crushed. Also, because you're over 40 BB effective it can be profitable for him to peel your 3 bet in position since he has so many chips. I know I would certainly peel there in his position unless I have something that doesn't flop well, and make your life difficult postflop. Having said all of that, I did just notice it was 8 handed as opposed to full ring; if he has a very bad image at the table or you have any sort of dynamic with him it might be more profitable to three bet call off the jam since he may turn up AQ/AJss. forgot to mention the sizing, as Poopshoot mentioned. As a matter of fact, knowing how xavitops plays, he will ALWAYS atleast call that 3 bet size IMO, which isn't always what you want with AK (playing a 3b pot OOP).

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