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  1. So the story goes like this.... you: can I see the rule book. them: no you: can I see the rule book them: you're out of here buddy !!!! There has to be much more to this story for them to throw you out of the poker room.
  2. I'll be out there from the 9th to the 15th, feel free to say hello if you see me. I'll be wearing my 49er hoodie proudly.
  3. thats pretty sick, hang in there man. I should be back this weekend.
  4. I got 37th in event 1. Got it all in with only 170k with 66 and got called by 77. great tourney, had a great time playing. I'll be back next weekend.
  5. thanks for the advice, yeah the hand really got away from me on flop when I wasn't able to take control, I will def. bet the flop next time. pot size bet on turn ? and I checked river, trying to keep pot size down, I didn't feel like I was ahead.
  6. background: under ground game, been there 30 minutes, , no real reads on them yet. hero: 350 villian 1: 200 villian 2: 220 1/2 NL villian 1: limps utg +2 villian 2: limps cut off hero: raises to 15, both villians call flop: k,9,5 ( rainbow ) hero: checks villian 1: checks viliian 2: checks turn Q hero: bets 30 villian 1: calls villian 2: calls river: 3 hero: checks villian 1: checks villian 2: bets 30 hero: calls villian 1: folds villian 2: shows j,10 off I feel like the mistake I made was not betting the flop, my thinking was that the K hit one of them and they would bet out and I could check raise. I think the turn bet is pretty normal, when I got two callers I figured that I may be in trouble. I pretty much made a crying call on the river. any info on how u would have played, or mistakes made would be appreciated.
  7. With no action on the turn, I find it hard to believe that he would shove with nuts there. Isn't he more likely to value bet hoping to get a call on the end ? Looks more like a steal attempt to me.
  8. I wonder if the guy who robbed the place went home that night and had a good meal and said. " Didn't have to use the AK today.... I got to say, today was a good day "
  9. # 1, yes very important in 1/2, i would open my range depending on the type of players at the table, but position is king. Most 1/2 players play their cards and not the player. They check because they are weak and bet when they have something, and check raise when they are very strong. # 2, I prefer good solid value bets most the time unless I have really strong hand # 3, as long as you are charging them bad odds to draw, you can't complain about them drawing. sounds like you're just in a bad run. How is your bankroll ? I think you need atleast 20 buy ins to play 1/2 comfortable, and I prefer 40.
  10. There is no 10k event at choctaw in Jan. The main event is a 1600 buy in.
  11. easy way to make some quick cash in the 1/2 NL in vegas is show up wearing some nascar garb and bet out of turn a few times and forget to put your blind out the first few orbits. They will think you're a total newb and try to push you off every hand. Seriousley, just play ABC poker and you can easily crush the 1/2 NL in Vegas. I think it's the softest cash games in the country.
  12. how the hell does a card go off the table when turning your hand up ? They should have kicked the guy out for being such a jack ass.
  13. I play 1/2 NL and 2/5 NL, I tip anywhere from 2-5 on most pots. I don't tip any for collecting the blinds. I see players tipping 5-25 on big pots. I understand it's nice to be generous, but when I see them playing for 100k on TV I noticed they never tip more than 5 when they win a pot. So if i'm playing for peanuts it seems crazy to tip 5. Maybe I should tip quarters out of my pocket. :)
  14. If you do play at Choctaw in the WSOP, stay away from the 125 buy ins. They are the worst tournaments there. I suggest the 345's and higher. Good structure, deep fields and good payouts. I'll be there again this year. Let me know if you're going.
  15. yes he really did, I couldn't believe it. The calling was crazy, but then to turn your hand over when you see you're beat was even more amazing in that spot. I would have mucked my 2 pair in embarrassment. When I left he was down to around 400.
  16. background: 1/2 NL ( been playing more like a 2/5 though ) I've been playing about 2 hours and down around 260. Players in this hand have been loose and going back at forth for the last hour. Neither one has shown the ability to fold against each other. villian 1: 1800 behind villian 2: 400 ( obviousley villian 1 has been getting the best of it ) hero: 360, my image good, have shown a bluff have shown down a few good hands, and some avg hands. I have AK hearts on the button vil 1: limps in utg vil 2: limps utg +2 hero: makes it 25 to go, both players call. flop: Q,J,6 (one heart ) vil 1: leads for 25 vil 2: calls 25 hero: calls 25 ( my thinking was to call here and fold turn if i don't improve ) turn: 9hearts vil 1: bets 40 vil 2: calls 40 hero: calls 40 ( i thought about raising turn, but with these two I figured I have 0 chance of them folding to my raise ) river: 10x vil 1: bets 55 vil 2: calls 55 hero: raises all in ( 215 more ) vil 1: tanks and calls vil 2: instant calls hands vil 1: K,4 off vil 2: Q,9 My questions on this hand, are what do you think of the way I played it against these type of players. mistakes made ? any sugesstions on how you might have played it different. Thanks,
  17. Hey Jy, I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed watching you play on Full Tilt and learned a lot from your game. Hope you're still crushing.
  18. I would think the 100 max would handicap your winnings. Most 1/2 games allow at least 200 buy ins. Casino's north of Texas here allow 300 buy in. I'm sure the game is very beatable, just play patient ABC poker and you will show winnings.
  19. I agree, position is the key to beating 1/2. Most of the players will call to often with bad hands and take them to far. Tight is right, value bet constantly and bluff small pots in position when the board is dry.
  20. Thanks for the info Sach, I see your point.
  21. Thanks for the advice guys, I will say I don't see anything wrong with the flop call though. It's a good price, and there is plenty of money to be won if I make my hand. I do realize i could get blown off my hand from player behind me if he re raises. Thats a risk I'm willing to take in this situation. Please explain why you wouldn't make call there on open ended draw. As far as folding on river, I didn't see any way my hand was good in that situation. Thanks,
  22. I realize this hand is not great but I figured I was getting a good price and thought I'd see a flop with it. my image ( 1 hour into game haven't shown a hand , won a few small pots so far ) small blind: old lady has been tight so far, haven't seen a showdown ) cutoff: ( has been active, has called most flops when he sees one, pushed once and showed the nuts ) 1/2 NL my stack 400, small blind: 300 cut off: 450 me: big blind J,8 suited 4 players see flop at 5.00 flop: K,Q,10 (rainbow ) Small blind: bets 25.00 Me: calls 25.00 player3: folds cutoff: calls 25.00 turn: 9x small blind: bets 30.00 me: calls 30.00 cutoff calls 30.00 River: Kx small blind: bets 60 me: folds cutoff: shoves all in and SB calls. they both turn over KQ Questions Should I have re raised on the turn ?? my thinking was to drag both players on turn and and i would still get max value on river with a shove. your thoughts on how you would have played the hand. Thanks,
  23. Thanks for the advice guys, looking back I clearly see that check raising is not a good play in this situation. Thanks for taking the time to reply back.

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