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  1. Knee Deep Breaking Bud
  2. Some people are just born with a killer instinct, whether is was the smallest guy on the football field smashing all of the bigger meat heads or the ugly friend that will hit on any hot chick and not give a *$#&%. A lot of the same qualities carry over onto the felt and can create one dangerous player. I myself am trying to find that killer instinct again. I used to not give a crap when playing poker. I'd make some reckless plays, and if it payed off, then great. If not, then I'd go on to the next game. I'm not saying I was a maniac every hand, but if I entered a pot, I wasnt giving my
  3. As in all aspects in life, poker is about making the right decisions at the right times. At the same time, making the right decision could end up busting you. Yup, poker can certainly leave you scratching your head. I haven't had that many tough decisions in my life. I have a great family and played sports throughout my childhood up until college, basically I can't complain. I did my fair share of silly things during college like most people do, but when it was time to buckle down I did so and got my degree. My last year of school I made probably the toughest decision of my life up to that
  4. Can't find anything anywhere and it looks like ass to me based on what I see atm.
  5. I think Heyman turning on Brock would be a great angle. It won't happen for Somoa Joe because Vince doesn't like Joe. He's an eye sore as far as physique and he can hold his own on the mic. Vince is high on Braun so I could see Heyman trading sides and building a ton of heat.
  6. Side note, love the miz lately. Never been a real fan of his and he's honestly not the best in ring. His promo's have been near shoots and hes not giving a fuck anymore.
  7. Would really like to see WWE throw a curveball at us. It's been really going through the motions lately. Would love to see brock drop the title tonight and get his rematch on raw tomorrow. I'd think that would boost ratings.
  8. I literally just bought the original Sound Garden album at best buy in a bargain bin for 5 bucks. Great ablum. Great musician. His stuff with Rage Against The Machine was epic. Sigh. RIP
  9. This is not a joke thread. I've been playing poker professionally for 12 years now and recently have wanted to cut out some of my "demons" like drinking. I've literally drank my self through nearly all my sessions for over a decade. Not usually getting totally fucked up, but long sessions can be grueling, tedious, and boring at times. Drinking kind of made it fun and more tolerable. Plus I wasn't as nervous when I played a big pot or got deep in a big mtt. It literally helped my play I don't care what anybody says. I've played some completely sober sessions recently and let me tell you, its be
  10. jfiiue4


    Sounds too good to be true but if this is legit, PROPS!!!!
  11. I've always wanted to randomly get laid mid day during the week. Like a random cougar at the grocery store. The shit you see on brazzers etc. I've had this happen back in college and spring break, but never as an adult. Chicks you know do not count. I'm talking random stranger.
  12. trader joes believe it or not lets you mix and match. The selection is meh though. They do get the sculpin in. So you can buy 1 and not spend 14 on a 6 pack. Ballast point really is fucking up the market.
  13. I started taking more pro biotics and eat way more clean than I used too. I literally dont have to wipe my ass anymore. Its awesome. I still wipe twice plus the insurance wipe but my ass is squeaky clean.
  14. Blood work is good. I've had anxiety attacks on and off since college so over a decade. If I take care of myself i'm usually fine. Its when I get lazy, eat like crap, don't exercise, drink too much for a few days when I get them.
  15. Some people don't get them. Your lucky.
  16. I'll get random anxiety attacks like if im driving on the highway or shopping or something weird. They aren't frequent its just a weird fight or flight feeling sometimes for no reason. Not necessarily partying induced. THough partying does trigger them on occasion.
  17. You just feel super restless and your mind starts racing. Weird thoughts, sweating, can't sit still, shortness of breath etc etc.
  18. I actually just said fuck it and drank a few beers this morning. I feel way better than I did a few hours ago.
  19. Do any of you guys get anxiety attacks after a night of partying. As long as I don't "over do it" i'm usually good. But as i've gotten older, if I have an all day drink fest and don't eat/drink enough water, the next day is like an all day anxiety attack. Its fucking weird. Some friends party way more than me and never get them. I do know a few people who do but most people I know just get a regular hangover. Thoughts? What do you do when this happens besides swearing off partying (which I wont because I do enjoy it). I know if I drink a lot of water before bed after drinking it usually helps
  20. Since I recently moved to upstate Cali the craft beer scene here is amazing. My palate is definitely changing and with the ridiculous selection its good to love beer if you live here. I'm starting to like more and more sour beers but they are pricey as fuck for a good one. Like minimum $4-$5 for an 11 oz bottle. The good ones range from $10-$30. Some come in a 750 ml bottle like a champagne bottle.

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