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  1. The trailer does no justice tbh. I jumped on without knowing anything and was hooked in 1st 30 mins.
  2. Amazon prime has been picking up their game. Just binge watched their new series called Mad Dogs. Awesome cast. Awesome series. Must watch. Your welcome.
  3. Had the Hawaiian alesmith speedway stout the other week and it was out of the world good. All Alesmith beers are fucking great....
  4. Bruiser Brody is pretty well deserving. Especially since Abdullah the Butcher is already in.
  5. Brutus beefcake actually has the resume of a HOFer. Also I'd like to throw in Psycho Sid.
  6. I used to be a hard core wrastlin fan in the late 80's-stone cold era. Starting to get back into it now. I think the wwe hall of fame is lol on a lot of levels and obviously very political. However, I still find it intriguing. Here are a few names I feel are well deserving.... Sting: It was announced today and he was a shoe in. Longevity and was a captain on a sinking ship and didn't abort (WCW). Well played. Owen Hart: Great in ring performer, smooth, calculated, and arguably better than Bret. The Hart and McMahan family's do not like each other but this has to happen this year. Wrestl
  7. Sick brag but I ran a free bet up on betonline and after clearing the rollover required to cash out and making the min deposit, I received a cashout in 3 days.
  8. Since turning 30, randomly getting laid is just as tough enough on its own. But literally I dont ever recall, (even in my college days etc) where I just got laid during the day randomly. Im talking not your significant other either. A random girl, (or guy if your a chick or gay) that you barely knew or didn't know at all. Is this a real thing that happens. I see hot chicks at the store and wonder if I could some how maneuver a mid day sex session with a random bored horny milf or something.
  9. I used to lucid dream a lot in my early teens through college. I didn't know what it meant but it was fucking awesome. I would just make hot chicks appear and fuck them. Im not joking, I thought it was great. But since college or so I can't get them anymore. Maybe it was a puberty thing or something.
  10. del rio looks legit hurt after the match
  11. The one where your back in high school or college and cant find the right class or you forgot about a class and are going to fail? It's been happening a lot lately. Also the one where im on stage in a band and have no clue how to play an instrument but I just do it and it sounds fine. I just jam out with slipknot on stage no clue whats going on but everything sounds normal. Welp those are mine....
  12. Wanted to put in my 2 cents about ACR. A lot of potential and a smooth running site for the most part. But here is what I think is holding it back from being top notch. 1. Ridiculously top heavy pay outs. They really have to go in this day and age of poker especially with a mild online site as far as traffic is concerned. Too much money going to such a small %. Back around 10 years ago I wouldn't care but the poker economy is hurting. The absurdly top heavy payouts are hurting the site. 2. Reduce the late reg time! My god its insane how long you can late reg the majority of tournaments.
  13. Just take it for what its worth. Over analyzing shows like this will leave you ripping hair out of your head. Sometimes a mindless horror movie or show is good, especially when you can catch up easily without watching every episode.
  14. Any info on bank wires? They say there is a foreign exchange fee. Also was wondering the time frame.
  15. Yeah I know tipping threads are fucking lame but I've gotten into it with a few vegas bartenders on standard tipping if you actually win something playing video poker. They all say standard is 10% which I think is absurd. Not including if you have a food tab, (drinks are free). I really don't see how any tip from the gaming winnings is standard since they're not doing anything but serving you drinks. Tip on the drinks maybe a little extra if you smash something out. I suppose if you frequent the place its different but I hate feeling awkward with someone I know esp if im stuck 1k on the day an
  16. Made a bet with Waco per game average fantasy points that Cam Newton will score more then RGIII. Thoughts? He obv thought I was a total idiot for making the bet but I think otherwise.....
  17. Gotta like a quiet humble guy who over achieved his whole career. He got 2 scholar ship offers (New mexico and New Mexico st) made the best out of what he was given. Top 10 pick as a safety turned linebacker. He's not an attention whore like faggot ray lewis and just went about his way. HOF fame for sure and my favorite player.
  18. Ill buy 2 entries, where do I send? havent read through the thread
  19. not joking, better flex play Avery @ Houston, Green @ Chi, Powell @ Tenn

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