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  1. Shorts is questionable with a concussion but I roll with him if he plays. I hate this guy but i'd play Greene given his matchup and they do actually give him the rock
  2. I have 1 wr pos and flex to figure out. Chris Givens vs Buff Bowe vs CLE Avery vs Ten Alex Green vs Det I like all the matchups. If Amendola is out I think I go with Givens. Brown is the only rb in GB atm. Avery coming off a big game and plays a poor Ten pass d and Bowe on a shitty offense but with a good matchup.
  3. ... ....... ............. ......... . . ........ ........ ..............
  4. Better flex option LSH or Jaquizz rodgers?
  5. 5pts behind with Bears D and Gould, he has SF D. Should be interesting....
  6. need to fade emanual sanders in a bunch of leagues and get there with Antonio Brown.
  7. yes there is a law, station casinos bought the right to show them besides some few other places
  8. Pick between these turds, and I need 2, bye weeks injuries etc... Howling vs GB, A Brown vs Pitt, A Green vs AZ, Powell vs GB..... yawn
  9. Hurting bad a wr this week due to byes, who do I pick up off waivers Between Kevin Walter vs Buff, McCluster vs SD, Earl Bennett vs Tenn.
  10. Agreed but it would take a monster fluke for AZ D to get -4 but I have seen it before
  11. Do I bench AZ D tonight up 4? The only thing I'm jammed in the middle and pts for is huge for tie breakers etc. 3 teams within 10 pts of eachother
  12. Need 26 pts from Fitz and niners D. Lettgo
  13. Williams is hot but tough match up, I like Green a lot this week, those 2
  14. Im more of a RB guy myself but Gonzalez has been a monster this year, Who is your other TE? why not play both?
  15. Leshoure for sure hes been getting the rock and running hard. Detroit coaches love the guy.....
  16. Bennett vs Dallas or Rudolph vs Bucs... Also pic 1 Crabtree vs AZ, Givens vs NE, Avery vs Tenn
  17. ppr pick your top 2 Jacquizz Roders, Andre Brown, Martellus Bennett, Donnie Avery, Shonn Greene. I have 1 flex and 1 rb position to fill. I think they are all close leaning towards Rodgers and Brown due to matchup but they are both obv the #2 rbs on their teams....
  18. This has been happening a lot lately. Most the time im back in high school or college and either flunking out or playing sports again. You would think I could catch on during the dream but it never happens. Also I will have a random person from my past in the dream that I literally havent thought of in years. I think dreams are interesting and im a sicko and love a good nightmare.
  19. Im up by 25 pts and have to fade Aarron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson in a ppr league sigh
  20. jfiiue4

    UFC 153-Rio

    sick of the ufc, they just mix and match the same names etc etc fucking lame
  21. There are plenty of mid tier wr's but I would like to grab 1 of the elite wr's. You will have to waste a 1st or 2nd rd draft pick though. If megatron is gone I would prob just snag the best available rb 1st round. You have guys like Michael Turner who are slipping to the 4th or even 5th rounds however so this could be the year you pass on a rb early. Anything less then a 2nd tier QB is dreadful for your team like Vick or Rivers. I think TE's will go way too early. I wouldnt mind passing on gronk or Graham and settling with a guy like Vernon Davis or Jason Witten. A lot depends on the flow
  22. Sleepers: Qb Alex Smith, Andy Dalton RB Doug Martin, Legarrette Blount, Sproles/Reggie Bush (There not necessarily sleepers but should be good value in the early-mid rounds esp in ppr) WR Demaryius thomas, Malcom Floyd TE Aaron Hernandez (Could out produce Gronk this year) Fred Davis

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