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  1. That awkward moment when you enter a room of a party with your gf only to bump into the girl you cheated on her with that has no idea you have a gf....
  2. LOL at press your luck guy he was celebrating before he even saw what he hit.
  3. Take the 10k and play the main event obv
  4. I certainly make dumb threads when I do. The mood really needs to be lightened a little around here. Just sick of the same depressing bullshit all the time. Its like the local news around here. So regarless im taking this very very seriously today and im at 30
  5. at 25 now was a really redic morning but starting to fade off a little.
  6. Im going to keep track of all my farts today. Its safe to say im one of the best farters in the world. Im at 16 right now and its 7:05am pacific time. Been up since 5am.
  7. left my phone up there once and drove about 20mins stopped do run some errand got to my car and it was still up there somehow
  8. jfiiue4

    Road Sodas

    That true for sure. If I buy beer and drive to a friends house I will pop open 1 on the way there. Driving smashed is just dumb
  9. jfiiue4

    Road Sodas

    popperhead nailed it. Im not looking to get wasted behind the wheel obv but on a road trip in the passenger seat, game on. While driving, its no like driving down a main highway. Maybe before camping or whatever. Im just honestly curious for opinions
  10. jfiiue4

    Road Sodas

    agreed with voorh33s
  11. jfiiue4

    Road Sodas

    I think most of OT are very nyeve individuals that live under rocks or even behind a computer most of the time. Was looking forward to the oh my god you drink beer when driving bashing and its pretty funny. Back to the real world so whats your take on road sodas not "driving drunk" for you dolts out there
  12. jfiiue4

    Road Sodas

    lol Kyleh well played, crickets?
  13. jfiiue4

    Road Sodas

    I drink road sodas and always have. Am I the only 1? If you dont know what a road soda is then dont post in this thread
  14. I like the machete fail with the tape
  15. I cant stand the tip jars at places where you order from the counter like subway. Its just awkward when you leave 45 cents but a few bucks is redic
  16. Its tough when the writers tell you if your going to win or lose in wrestling.
  17. reminds me of wwf wrestlers and their issues with early suicides and death. tough high risk jobs lead to early death

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