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    Seriously balling
  2. beer fest and beer. Whenever I watch that movie I drink 18 beers
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8rZWw9HE7o sketchy 1 roomate for 2 yearsish leaving and found out today he doesnt know how many beers r in a case
  4. also Rick "the model" martels cartwheel was the nuts [video=youtube;04-bxkfAkLw]
  5. Best: Lex Luger's torture rack looked pretty painful. Shawn Michaels sweet chin music always looked like he really fucked up some people. But by far the best was Ravishing rick rude's rude awakening. I think they actually band that type of neck breaker because he was fucking people up. He lands a good 1 at 44 secs.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLy58trnIf0 The worst by far was the Ultimate warrior splash. Seemed retarded given the warrior didnt weigh that much. he didnt even do it off the top rope or anything. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzOkCvEijO4&feature=autoplay&list=PL77BA
  6. They should get paid based on performance and bonuses for medals. Oh and I think they do get sponsors that pay them. At least the select few that are the best. I know in my home town we had an olympic wrestler and he received some small sponsorships etc. Oh and being an olympian is good on a resume....
  7. A good family owned sandwich shop is prob the best way to go. As far as chains go, Caprioties in Las Vegas is very popular. I prefer a place called the spicey pickle but for some reason its real hit or miss. Your better off going to the grocery store and making your own sub the way you like it.
  8. ill toss in another fun 1
  9. Was going through some of my old CD's and brought back some memories of stuff i've forgotten about. I'm more of a rock metal guy but found some gems I havent listened too in forever. Always brings you back to certain times of your life depending on the song. Seether Disclaimer is one of my favorite metal/alternative cd's of all time and they are one of the best bands I've ever seen live.
  10. ive always thought the rocks signature moves were fucking dumb except the around the world ddt which he didnt use. the main event was fairly lame. the cm punk jericho match was solid. was nice to see a few legit matches with no interference etc
  11. Canadian accents are the worst. Russian accents are pretty hot as well as German. Makes you feel like they are going to dominate you and do some crazy shit in bed.
  12. 1 more, my wrestling career ended 1st round in sectionals. I didnt get a good seed because I missed part of season with mono. Still had a 20-1 record going in. Had a great draw 1st round vs a kid I pinned early in the 2nd period the previous week in the league finals so I was pumped for a good run. Decided to tank it and lose 5-2 and thats the end of my 10 year wrestling career.
  13. True story. Little league all star game our team had never beat the nemesis and they were regarded as the best team every year. Bases loaded tie game bottom of the 6th coach puts me in to pinch hit. I get hit by a pitch and the whole team goes nuts, it was a home game so our parents were going crazy etc etc. LITERALLY as we were shaking hands with the other team the ump calls me out because I never touched 1st base. If walked or hit by pitch the batter has to touch 1st base to make the run legite. Needless to say we lost in extra innings and all our parent wanted to kill the ump. Its legendary
  14. id bang them all except the dude and the 2 from top left
  15. http://www.imdb.com/media/rm12421632/tt0988849
  16. Its worse with a girl you used to bang. I used to be way better looking and in great shape. Had more money then I do now and females found the whole gambling thing for a living as a turn on. I met up with a girl and she seemed dissapointed probably because I put on 30lbs and couldnt afford to toss around money like I used too. I didnt get laid that night.....

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