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  1. RGIII will put up numbers but not win games. prob be lucky to win a playoff game
  2. yeah agreed. i sometimes like to vegetate and not have a communication device jammed in my face every 5 mins. People bug out if you go missing for 1 day.
  3. Cant say the N bomb even if its in a joking manner. Other day I told a friend of mine to grab a ni**er a beer and offended someone in the room. Jesus
  4. I used to have lucid dreams growing up all the time, rarely happens anymore. dream paralysis sucks because while dreaming I can feel my body but cant wake up and always fear something bad is happening and I cant do anything about it. Been using melatonin lately and my dreams are fucking insane. Like to the really fucked up point. Its also fun to wake up from an awesome dream and go back to sleep to pick up back from when u woke up. Even more weird when U have a person or previous experience in your dream that was a very tiny part of your distant past and just pops up out of no where 20 year
  5. Duquense +5 Duqense Umass u 151 Detroit +2.5
  6. Flynn seems like a good fit in Miami. I'd say Washington, Seattle, or the Jets. Cardinals as a long shot. He'd probably riip it up in AZ but doubt they can afford him. Manning NY connection seems most logical imo.
  7. disagree with above_films. Some guys are just annoying as fuck and ruins a solid beat off session.
  8. This athlete shows tremendous strennnnnth
  9. the way he says strength is fucking annoying as hell
  10. probably a hand full of guys i cant stand watching. Lee Stone is my absolute most hated 1. I started watching more girl on girl where 1 just abuses the hell out of the other. Thats the best
  11. U get paid for gas and some small compensation. I would take your place if I could since i've been sucking dicks in the alley to get by lately......
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbr4qIIkTd0
  13. good watch, this country really is getting a little rediculous with some of this shit
  14. I dont think there is any excuse for getting smashed and driving like an idiot. That being said, its complete bullshit if you go to diner with your friends or wife etc have 3-4 beers, get pulled over at a dui station and get sent to jail. There really is a huge grey area when it comes to shit like this imo. For those of you who say just dont drink at all or whatever, welcome to the real world. There's time responsible people like to take the edge off and get their lives ruined because 2 glasses of wine is deemed over the limit. Its fucking gay......
  15. I think a tougher question would be would you date her.....
  16. Bradshaw longest run over 16 yards stuck out for me
  17. It should be you start the best player at that position regardless of anything else. This includes coaches and any sport. It pisses me off when black activists get bent out of shape if there are not enough minorities in a certain position or as a coach or any job for that matter. On the other hand you shouldnt be worried if a minority is in a position traditionally not occupied by a certain race or even gender.
  18. There is a 100% chance that I will drink and gamble again" Charles Barkley "Am I ever going to stop partying? Not until they turn out the lights for good." John Daly “Anyone with a grain of sense would know that if I punched my wife I would rip her head off. It's all lies. I have never laid a finger on her.” Mike Tyson
  19. its impossible to bet on the 2 most unpredictable teams in the league (as if it wasnt tough enough). As a huge bears fan, I have no fucking clue whats gonna happen.
  20. Good sports bettors bet early when the lines is in their favor 1 way or another
  21. tyson was annoying watching him try and button his suit the whole time. The unknown blond chick was the best. I like jokes that hurt
  22. Just hammer the fuck out of Buff. Oak cross country, early game, tons of injuries. Bills are totally underrated. They have the smartest player in the league at QB. at home. They will murk Oak by double digits. I hate all the other games

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