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  1. There is one glitch on a lot of sites that just makes me mad. So there is a dead small blind and im on big ok fine. Then the next hand a new player gets moved on the table and all of a sudden hes small blind and guess whos big blind. Oh me again. Helloooooo. It goes the other way too. Ill be under the gun, big blind busts out, then i get put on small blind and miss big blind. Do these people who create the sites know the rules of poker. Anyone else find this interesting?
  2. It was not classless. He went away from the table and covered his mouth and whispered to a friend on a phone. I was watching it and TV made it look a lot worse. Im sure he didnt want anyone else to hear. The guy probably didnt even know anyone was listening. If I bluffed lederer i would be proud to. But then again i can bluff lots of good players
  3. Lately I have found myself playing tons of tourneys. I love playing tourney so much and ive built my bank roll off them. But when i bust out I go right to a cash game and make my buy in back. Usually limit 5/10 or 8/16. Then i repeat and repeat until i cash. But my problem is why the hell dont i just play cash games. I basically really dont enjoy them too much. Winning a huge mtt tourney is better than sex. I dont care who you are its the best feeling in the world. Does anyone else find themselves in the same type of pattern or am i the only one. And should i just play cash games for a while.
  4. Just go back to the basics and remember to play one hand at a time because thats all you can physically possibly do
  5. I cant wait to play in the tournament sunday even though i know ill be really hungover and ill probably play like crap. Lets all get shit faced saturday night so we can have a level playing field. HOOORAYYYYYYYY
  6. Folding kk preflop is one of the toughest things to do in the world. You really need to know your opponent and know the situation. On the bubble, going against chip leader, or going against the short stack. It all depends on the situation. I will fold it on the bubble against a massive chip stack to avoid any suckout or running into aa.
  7. these sites would save or make a lot more money buy refunding the players if its obvious that there was a problem. otherwise they would be losing a lot of dough and we all know these sites love dough.
  8. If any of you "awesome" card sharks dont play in this tournament then somethings wrong. Fulltilt has the best run tournaments on the net and the structures are great. I look forward to tackling with some of you guys this sunday. LATERRRRRRR
  9. Thanks for some of the feedback. I have been playing tourneys ranging form 25 to 200. I built my bankroll from 200 to almost 16000 since august. Im not saying i dont do well in the higher buy ins but its like right towards the bubble i go ok lets self destruct. My number one nemesis is making moves on blinds whether its stealing or reraising when im on the blind. If i could get some more feedback on playing blind versus blind or button versus blind that would be great. thanks p.s. my bankroll is comfortable enough to where im not worried about dropping a few hundo in a tourney
  10. Gank you hit the gym a little then the ladies will be crawling all over you my man.
  11. I've been just playing poker for the last 6 months after recently graduating from college. I have been on a role the last 4 months. I mean just tearing it up. I mainly play fulltilt because it allows for more poker than all in fests. Anyways ive won about 4 tourneys and had about 12 top 3 finishes. My bankroll has mulitplied so I have been playing in bigger tourneys. Why cant I do well in any of these. I have one 4th place finish in a 100 25k guarentee but i know im better than 90% of the players. I just want a few tips on going deep in the big tourneys like the 100k in bodog and any of the ot
  12. A lot of reading an apponent is beating patterns which can be done with online poker. Another thing is when reading someone playing live poker how often does a player or even a pro misread his opponent when he believes his opponent is weak when he is infact strong. Reading people is a true skill but nobody is perfect and even the best misread their opponents and lose big pots.

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