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  1. I think Heyman turning on Brock would be a great angle. It won't happen for Somoa Joe because Vince doesn't like Joe. He's an eye sore as far as physique and he can hold his own on the mic. Vince is high on Braun so I could see Heyman trading sides and building a ton of heat.

  2. Would really like to see WWE throw a curveball at us. It's been really going through the motions lately. Would love to see brock drop the title tonight and get his rematch on raw tomorrow. I'd think that would boost ratings.

  3. This is not a joke thread. I've been playing poker professionally for 12 years now and recently have wanted to cut out some of my "demons" like drinking. I've literally drank my self through nearly all my sessions for over a decade. Not usually getting totally fucked up, but long sessions can be grueling, tedious, and boring at times. Drinking kind of made it fun and more tolerable. Plus I wasn't as nervous when I played a big pot or got deep in a big mtt. It literally helped my play I don't care what anybody says. I've played some completely sober sessions recently and let me tell you, its been brutal. I feel like I can't put in a full session anymore and I get super frustrated way to easily. My DR prescribed me some beta blockers which is supposed to keep you calm but it doesn't really do the trick. So i'm asking the community 1. am I the only person and 2. what do you do to combat this issue.

  4. trader joes believe it or not lets you mix and match. The selection is meh though. They do get the sculpin in. So you can buy 1 and not spend 14 on a 6 pack. Ballast point really is fucking up the market.

  5. Do any of you guys get anxiety attacks after a night of partying. As long as I don't "over do it" i'm usually good. But as i've gotten older, if I have an all day drink fest and don't eat/drink enough water, the next day is like an all day anxiety attack. Its fucking weird. Some friends party way more than me and never get them. I do know a few people who do but most people I know just get a regular hangover. Thoughts? What do you do when this happens besides swearing off partying (which I wont because I do enjoy it). I know if I drink a lot of water before bed after drinking it usually helps but sometimes I just fall asleep. Then its the next day afternoon of doom.

  6. Since I recently moved to upstate Cali the craft beer scene here is amazing. My palate is definitely changing and with the ridiculous selection its good to love beer if you live here. I'm starting to like more and more sour beers but they are pricey as fuck for a good one. Like minimum $4-$5 for an 11 oz bottle. The good ones range from $10-$30. Some come in a 750 ml bottle like a champagne bottle.


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