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  1. We are making this a WAY bigger deal then it has to be. PLB is done already and more then fair. There is really no reason significant enough to not do it this way. Just post the PLB teams as is and let's move on guys.
  2. yeah not sure how PLB is unfair, i'm fine with doing it the way it's already done
  3. yea 2 is fine...and randomizing it kinda takes the fun out of the whole "draft" thing but it is what it is...has a decision been made then?
  4. has the draft time not been decided yet?
  5. i've sent $150 for trigga_mik3 pls confirm you've rec'd
  6. im down for both as long as we get more ppl.
  7. im down for teams if it's a more reasonable buy in
  8. In for team and individual, guess i'll be a captain if u want. Shipped from Jamil11 on PS.
  9. ill most likely be there for the 6 max and main, maybe a few more events

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