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  1. Really? That’s mostly because of people jumping at an opportunity too quickly and not looking at the extensive history of a clubs reputations
  2. Hi everyone. Wondering if anyone has tried playing on the pp poker app. Lots of fast and easy deposit and WD methods. Lots of loose action especially at the plo games. Stakes for micros all the way to 5/10. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll send you the info.
  3. Hi everyone. Wondering how many of you have played on the pp poker app in any clubs. If anyone is interested please let me know we have tons of deposit and WD methods and offer rakeback. Pm me or just request info and I’ll give everything you need to know.
  4. How much are you looking for? Message me
  5. Who do u guys like Vandy or Houston today and y?
  6. What method do you guys use to pay each other
  7. Sorry, yes I use a HUD...is it still flawed it can't be that fishy is it?
  8. I've gotten the run around with them about payouts disconnect problems other software problems and lots of miscellaneous things. Would just rather not play with them.
  9. I hate the anonymous tables and they're customer service will never give straight answers to anything.
  10. Hey guys wondering who has the fastest payouts in the USA with the best options. I'm interested in America's cardroom. Can anyone tell me how they are and what methods they would let me use. The only thing is I won't play on bovada and all I hear is that lock right now is a horror story
  11. No doubt in my mind after the biggest 2 day downswing I've ever had that it doesn't matter how good you play That Bovada basically makes action to go against u. I got it in so many times as a 90% favorite and lost The hand that I can't even count. Does anyone else feel like this? It's not bad playing it's just running 10x worse than anyone ever can playing live
  12. Bovada has an easy field of players try there
  13. What's the wait time been on rapid transfers for Bovada?
  14. Has anyone used rapid transfer lately? And what's the wait time on getting funds for that
  15. Take time off, study and read lots about poker and if u went broke because of tilting makers goals and rules for yourself about next time.
  16. Players only? Lmao they're horrible...I play on lock and like it
  17. When u lose half your stack when u get it all in on the turn being an 80%+ favorite and the very next turn u get queens or higher and u get it all in and lose it to a smaller pair....it happens to me way too much
  18. With everything going on with online poker in the USA why doesn't Bodog allow for player to player transfers....it sucks getting money on some of these sites it would be nice if they understood that.
  19. Hey guys I got stuck in the middle of a crazy aggressive 2/5 live game the other day. I started with 700 and many people at the table had over 1.5k and the table was full of 3 bets preflop and 4 bets after the flop....how do I deal with this when I'm not catching a lot of cards and when I do get stuff like a q and AK there's 5 people in the hand so I never know if I'm good what do I do
  20. hi does anyone know if on minted poker credit card deposits r going through for usa players
  21. well for me its been about 8 months and got a new job and they offer a great credit union with amazing loans and interest rates and i want to move all my funds to this bank....now if i do that and i leave only what i owe to full tilt in my bank account i'll have fees hit me because its below the minimum balance i have to hold in that account so i'm kinda stuck like wtf..........thinking of just giving it another 2 moths then transferring it all overand then telling them tough luck give me another option to pay ur money and youll get it .....not trying to scam them but wtf 8 months going on 9 and not even a solid answer has come from them about this
  22. hey guys ive been away fromonline poker the last couple months and live in the usa. whats going to happen to all that money people deposited on full tilt and they took from their checking accounts...i have about 500 in limbo and a friend who has deposits that havent cleared since november and the total is around 2k....i heard the total is about 60 million in funds they havent recovered
  23. I just got hit and run on by 3 different people for 3 buy ins. How do I not go on tilt after this it's Sooooo aggravating.
  24. I'm from Ct and I'm having trouble depositing using echecks and Ive heard in some states it's not going through is anyone out there from ct and able to deposit by echecks

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