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  1. With no reads I'd be inclined to fold. Limping early and then coming out with a strong bet is a flag. He's saying he doesn't care why you were raising preflop he has you beat. My best guess would be a flopped set or he's trying to buy it. With no reads, I'd assume the first and lay it down.
  2. What you're going through right now is poker. Unfortunately, poker is always winning and cards come every ten minutes. There are gonna stretches where you don't get cards. In my opinion, that's what defines you as being a decent player. You know how to get passed them without letting your stack wither away. It mostly comes from experience in learning when to take your shots and to try and steal the blinds. Also, if you are too picky, good players will notice this and just bet into you. Why? Because they know you will fold and if you don't, then they will fold because you have something. Yes i
  3. It sounds a good deal to me like you are playing out out of your bankroll. Almost every single game you had far too little to be playing. IE using $50 to play .5/1. You are putting so much on just one single session. There is so much variance and other factors that come into play that you should not be in so much of a gambling mood. I would highly suggest that if your spikes in br was skill, you play lower buyin games. Yes it will suck and you won't be making anywhere near what you want to, but if you don't then you are pretty much taking a gamble whenever you play. You can move in with Aces a
  4. Usually I hate living here in Illinois with the weather that never makes sense. But this makes me happy :)
  5. There's a lot to take into consideration. Is the bb likely to call? Has anyone else called/raised? What are stack Sizes? In proportion to blinds? How many players are left? Is it possible to manipulate the table if you let him stay? (such as a short stack with 2 others who have equals stacks, but much more than the ss and you could probably pull a little bit more out of them from their fear of not cashing) If you think he may call, wait til you have a good hand, then shove. If you think he won't call, I'd still wait for something other than 92 os as not only A) do it enough and he'll pick up o
  6. I'm thinking JQs or something of the like. Considering he's been playing tight, called a min raise, then check raised it, I'm inclined to say he's hit a nice draw or is trying to slow play you for more chips, just let this one go and get it in another hand.
  7. Two things. You're*. and God I know how you feel, mate. Not a sicko, but definitely trying to get a few people in my circle, as well.
  8. Fold, I'd say you could probably find a better spot than here.
  9. Aslama01

    AA oop 1/2

    I gotta say, This does look a little painful. Played great and all. I think I'd go ahead and ship it, just wouldn't be too surprised if a set was turned over.
  10. In terms of bankroll management, I find this very helpful: http://www.pocketfives.com/f7/sng-multitable-sng-mtt-bankroll-management-chart-guide-378221/ In terms of your mid game situation, I would take size of blinds into heavy consideration. Also, how thye act will be helpful, if they're loose, go ahead and call it, you may be in a toss up, but if they['re loose, you could potentially have them dominated. If they're tight, go ahead and fold and wait. I imagine you could buy your blinds right back.
  11. You won't win all the time, Especially mtt. As for reading, it helps quite a bit, but the best piece of advice I ever got was do what works best for you. Yes this is vague, but when you start to analyze your player more and more and more and more and more and more, you'll see a pattern. Although you don't want it to be a pattern to realize what your cards are, but more how you play. I play in such a way that it is hard to tell how solid my hand is. The best advice I can give you, besides figuring out what works best for you, is that aggression is key. Sometimes, even though you'll have to swea
  12. Fold, He's most likely got you beat and there's nothing wrong with finding another spot.
  13. I like how you played it until the river. At that point, it seems like he can't be calling with nothing, he'd be watching too much of his stack dwindle if we was trying to set a bluff up as he would lose more in the long run. I woulda check/folded the river.
  14. I believe you should have better on the turn and the flop,but once it got to the river, considering the circumstances, I'd say a fold is in order.
  15. Mostly how you see the player in my opinion. Sometimes I'd call, others I'd wait. If they seem overly aggressive call, otherwise fold.
  16. Shoving preflop. When you wait til the flop, you're giving him a chance to see if his rags have hit. Yes you are doing the same for you too, but if you wait til you get a killer hand (like the AA), then odds increase for you rather than letting him see the flop to take all his chips. Also, some people who do push all in like this will back down once they realize that people aren't going to let him/her push them around.
  17. Nah, I like how it was played, only thing i would have done different is raise more on the turn to eliminate any draw possibilities
  18. Could you give us some more info on the tourneys? Such as what buy-ins, type of tourneys, etc. please?
  19. Bahaha. I was like wtf, then realized it was today :D Very Nice...
  20. If you are gonna do the ethical thing, pay it back. But it really depends on your own morals. Same thing happened to me and at first I decided not to pay it back, I eventually did however on account I felt like playing more on PS. Its mostly how much would you play on PS and if you are okay with screwing them out of ~500 dollars.
  21. First off, shove pre. Second off, you bet way too small on the flop.
  22. I think it's more just the competition than the money. Sure you can win 2.5k playing poker, but to be the first on the site to take down a sunday major in 2011? That's a one and only.

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