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  1. I read that the CEO bought $200,000 worth of stock (I think with his own cash). Obviously a bullish signal.
  2. Not entirely true................. If you accept federal assistance to address a disaster you are bound by the provisions the relief is offered under. DiSantis as an example cannot accept free covid vaccinations then encourage his states residents not to take them.
  3. This is just retailers and Hannity trying to make things sound worse than they are. I GAF if there are no tires or GI Joes until 2022. Pffft.
  4. You better get off your ass and get my Christmas present now then!!!!!
  5. Remember Andrew Mc Cabe? He's the FBI guy who took over after Comey was fired. He too was fired for having the FBI look into Trump's Russia connections just a few hours before he was set to retire. Well, today he won his lawsuit. Included of course was his full pension, but also included was $200,000 in back pension, his termination expunged from all files and he'll be awarded some special cuff links big shots in the FBI get upon retirement. I'd say he was made whole. Fuckin' Trump is such a dummy.
  6. Executive privilege is reserved for "the Executive". Not his subordinates, and not when out of office.
  7. Terry Bradshaw getting toasted on Twitter for talking about how hot Erin Andrews looks tonight. Pffft.
  8. Innocent people don't need to defy congressional subpoenas.
  9. Those ships off LA and Long Beach, the same thing is happening around the world. This Biden's fault too?
  10. Reserves are for when there are shortages. Democrats want to save the planet, Fracking harms it. Pipelines won't be needed when fossil fuels are sidelined to save the planet. The fuels used need to be as clean as possible. Truck drivers are in short supply and have been since long before Biden took office. Immigrants like driving trucks, hint, hint. Taxes increase as prices increase. I'm not aware of stand alone price increases. Certainly nothing's been passed in the congress.
  11. And the minor control government exerts on the system is built in and accounted for. Business models have built in just in time delivery. Whoopsie.
  12. https://oversight.house.gov/news/press-releases/committee-uncovers-evidence-that-trump-concealed-millions-in-losses-hid-debts Everything crooked people feared about Trump's business dealings while president appear to be discovered by the House Oversight committee. Trump hid massive debt and concealed massive losses. Just as suspected.
  13. That's not at all how it works. Trump WAS in charge of PPE, masks, ventilators etc. as the US was suppose to keep a strategic stockpile of all of those things. Big screen TV's and fake Christmas trees from china are the responsibility of private enterprise exclusively. The only role at the docks played by government is to ensure the containers contain what's on the manifest.
  14. Well, an especially severe winter is anticipated and Biden isn't in charge of supply, the producers are.
  15. Um, Biden takes questions from the media on an impromptu basis regularly.
  16. Just finished putting the final coat of wax before winter on my wife's car. You can hear the rumbling of thunder in the distance. Perfect timing. As usual.
  17. It goes without saying that the store discounts are all but off the table in mid December this year. Retailers won't cry about that.
  18. This is the first time I can recall in my lifetime where jobs were so plentiful that people on the bottom rungs (food service and retail) quit to seek higher pay. Notice how you haven't heard a word about sticking to the minimum wage? Now suddenly employers are willing to pay more all on their own. I'm shocked................................not.
  19. Two to 1 Gruden comes out in the near future and claims he was drinking heavily. Rhetorically speaking, I don't want to be Trues.

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