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  1. And ya, I think we did. Or maybe Carcassonne or something? I believe you had a different username at the time but I recognize your writing style lol. I'd be down to play some board games some time, that would be fun
  2. If gas fees on eth are pricing you out of using platforms on it, then I'd remove the options that only run on eth first. Then narrow down to options that seem reputable enough (smart contracts have been audited (if that even means anything these days lol), large TVL, project doesn't have obvious red flags). Pretty sure all the stuff you listed is fairly reputable. Then optimize for biggest yields / highest conviction holds. E.g. a btc/eth pool where you can get 30% yield might be better than a shitcoin1/shitcoin2 pool paying 100% yield since the underlying assets you're holding in the pool are more likely to perform much better. 100% yield doesn't do much good if your initial investment goes -80%. Of course you can occasionally find hidden gems with both outrageous yield and some high upside in the token. Just make sure you understand what the potential risk is and if it seems too good to be true, figure out what risk you might be missing. Beware ponzi tokenomics. There's pools where you can get 1000% yield but it's because only ~5% of the supply of the token is circulating and the remainder is going to be paid out as your yield. So really your gigantic yield is just massive inflation of the token your holding and you can expect to see the price of your token plummet 95% as the supply gets diluted. That's the framework I would approach the decision with when looking where to farm/stake. But the truth is the entire space is exploding and there's more projects to look into than anybody actually has time to. Even if you can just find a pretty safe looking 20-30% yield on some assets that you would be holding anyways, that will obv add up in a pretty massive way over time and doesn't require you to purchase some scamcoin that you're gambling on.
  3. If you want to do some yield farming but are priced out of doing it on eth, I would suggest looking into Flamingo Finance (runs on Neo) or Raydium (runs on Solana). You'll pay gas fees that are a fraction of a cent on either of those networks, instead of paying $100+ on eth. PancakeSwap/Autofarm on BSC is an option too but is pretty overrun with scamcoins so I'd be more careful there
  4. 20% dip isn't a big deal but random coins pumping crazy amounts like ETC (literally dead and nothing runs on it lol...) and everything moving double digit %s per hour is more worrisome. idk, i haven't exited my longs but i've set higher stop losses and opened some short positions on shit that i think can dump faster than the rest of the market.
  5. alts are starting to feel a lot like jan 2018 lol... wouldn't be surprised to see some decent sized pullbacks in the next week. a lot of smart people in crypto seem to believe this narrative that when alts crash during this cycle, they'll dump into btc instead of fiat, and btc will be launched towards 100k. will be interesting to see whether or not that's what happens i'm shorting a basket of shitcoins against btc lol
  6. after looking into it more, it looks like it's available on some dexes. matcha.xyz is probably your best bet i would guess but idk, i've never used it myself
  7. You can try using a vpn on ftx. Don't have this problem myself, so not sure how well that works with kyc requirements but I know a lot of Americans use a vpn supposedly.
  8. https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/neo/usd#panel Neo is only up a little over 100% since I last shilled it in this thread. Still a great buy imo 🙂
  9. Been hodling since $6. Probably a better risk adjusted play than btc over the next 3 years
  10. mostly joking, just saying $20 and below was the time to be accumulating, not selling imo. the train is leaving the station and i would get on board but y'know, dyor
  11. lambos come from hodling neo actually. i needed the 2k from ren to pay an unexpected bill so that i could keep over 100% of my nw in btc, neo, and ftt 😉
  12. bought $100 worth of REN in June of 2018 under the recommendation of somebody in this thread (don't remember who). forgot about it completely shortly after. just remembered i still had it in february. sold it all for 2k. ez game. buying & forgetting ftw
  13. nah, gotta work tonight and tomorrow night unfortunately. i'll be playing cash later this week after the tourney though. how about you?
  14. reserved - 10% for irl friends 5% - raisethis2 - paid 5% - aupoker1 - paid 5% - Mr Galt 5% - trajan30 20% remaining
  15. reserved - 10% for irl friends 5% - raisethis2 - paid 5% - aupoker1 5% - Mr Galt 25% remaining
  16. I'm playing the Day 1-B of the WPT Fallsview Poker Classic $1100 event in Niagara Falls on Feb. 17th. They don't have tournament guarantees but estimated prizepool of the event is $1.36m. Selling up to 50% of myself at face value. Will send updates to any backers at each break with pic of my stack and any notable hh's. $1100 CAD = $827 USD 1% = $8.27 reserved - 10% for irl friends 40% remaining Can accept payment via interac e-transfer (Canadians only), Stars (outside of US), paypal, or crypto.
  17. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g-o7vtIRLS_NOhAg2mgQBupleyW1JS3ZTHR-hLe8e9k/edit?usp=sharing Updated the spreadsheet. Thanks everyone who invested, payouts on the way
  18. Busted from the main around 5pm. Shoved 98k pre at 2k/4k/4k with AQs and ran into AA... Annoyed with myself because I should've been able to get away from that 24bb deep... Sorry guys. Gonna play my best in day 2 of the closer Monday

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