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  1. In the sales world, the phrase "Always Be Closing" (ABC) has become a staple of how to deal with potential customers. In other words, do what you have to do to win over the potential buyer, but always keep that ultimate goal in mind. ABC means that every course you take in your interaction with the customer needs to, in some way, be working toward that final victory: the making of the sale. In baseball, the closer is the relief pitcher that a team saves for the end of close games, to seal the deal. Often times, the closer is the pitcher on the team with the best stuff; Mariano Rivera's deva
  2. When I prompted the PocketFives community for ideas on what topic this article should encompass, I received a wide variety of suggestions. So wide, in fact, that the only common thread amongst these contributions was the urge to better one's self as a poker player....surprising, I know. However, in reading all of the requests for strategy discussions and bankroll-building techniques, I wondered if some were missing the point of what it truly takes to become a success in the poker world. At the danger of oversimplifying things, for the purpose of this article I'm going to divide the growth
  3. It is common knowledge in the poker community that the game is rapidly becoming more and more difficult to beat. Information is becoming available to the entire community that never used to be, through websites, poker schools, forums, etc. The average player today is stronger than the average player yesterday, and will be weaker than the average player tomorrow. However, there is more to this evolution of poker than just the improvement of the players; the game is changing, and those players that are best able to recognize and adapt to these changes are those that will be most successful throu
  4. While I feel that your best of flop plays would be electing to raise your opponent's bet, I suppose I can see the merit in electing to call in its stead. By doing so, we can first glance upon a turn, which we hope to be a pleasant card for us. In addition, our hand, which is in fact quite strong, appears to our villain to be weak. Such deception! However, while you may convince me, perchance, that your best flop play is the calling option, there is little doubt in the expanses of my mind that your optimal play once we've reached the turn is to raise! Not only does this reap the obvious bene
  5. Just wanted to post here like I did on 2p2 that i am not exactly proud of this, and think i could've handled myself much better.
  6. Yesssssssss! Can finally stop clicking the refresh button on the updates. So excited, can't wait to watch the FT on Thursday. GLGLGLGL Steve n DFish! Such a sick final 6.
  7. I take it all back - I do kinda love these. Tournies are still prty soft (as long as you pick your spots and avoid a cpl of the most reg-heavy tournies) and although it doesnt do most people any favors equity-wise, it definitely makes things more interesting/fun, especially at the start of the day. it also makes some mid-stakes tournies about 100000x more playable. basically, if you're smart, and stay within your means, METs are dopeness. still think it sucks that theyre taking over the FTOPS with it, just because i'm kind of a purist, but that ftops ME is gonna be absurd.
  8. No one is debating that he was lucky, and if you'll read the other thread all about that 75s vs AK, I wasn't easy on him at all. I just try to be objective regardless of results, or how something looks at first. a) the 32o checked through on the turn. He just RRd pre, cbet the flop, checked the turn (to give up im sure) and bet the river when he got there b) the 82o... to be honest i'm guessing he was really surprised that sowers did anything besides fold or reshove pre there (i know i was), so I don't think his holdings were very relevant given the stacks. given that, you can assume it m
  9. This is a really, really poorly applied analogy, but I guess I understand your point...
  10. Just like being lucky doesn't make you a good player, it also doesn't make you a bad one. He wasn't getting much slack if any for some plays people perceived as spewy, even those he got lucky on. Of course there are some hands from the FT you could nitpick at also (as someone else said I think maybe he benefitted more from a fuller table, which seems counter-intuitive for such a lag player), but I don't think anyone with a brain would say he played anything but very well for the most part throughout the whole FT.
  11. Congrats to both, and Sowers for a great run! I know Daize got a lot of heat in that other thread (myself included) but obviously he played a great FT. Ship 2milly! Also, coming from someone who never watches poker on TV, while I was at ESPNZone yesterday I was definitely cutting to ESPN2 more than a couple times during the Bulls/NFL games (even though the people I was with tended not to appreciate this). Thought the live coverage was really cool and extremely entertaining. Hope it did well enough to do it again.
  12. lol - I definitely think some people need to "p the b's" on their emotions in this thread. I'm not against this because I'm a "nicer" or "more benevolent" person than Gags (obviously that's true but totally unrelated). I'm against this because I think it hurts my bottom line - that's all I care about as far as the policies of any poker site, and I'm sure that's all 99.999% of you care about also. I just also happen to think that it hurts everyone else's bottom line too, which means I'm fighting the good fight, and that Gags/Dean are evil!
  13. Since I'm not an expert on all the technical stuff, and you're probably getting a ton of good advice on all that anyways, I just wanted to say that a lot of financial professionals, be they accountants, investment brokers, even bankers, just flat out do not want to work with online poker players. Whoever you work with, you need to be COMPLETELY up front with them about exactly what you do, and if they aren't happy to be working with you, then find someone else.
  14. First off, no, you should not base your opinions on a player on their results. Second off, the whole point of this thread is that one hand. And you just said yourself it probably wasn't good. So YES that means he SHOULD probably change something. The thread is about one hand, and no it's not an "omg at least he has the balls to pull the trigger here!" spot. 99.9% of the time you'll be better off not having the "balls" to shove 7-high in this spot. For all this "haters gonna hate" talk I think people don't realize there are a lot of very, very good players in this thread who are saying th
  15. Maybe WSOP? Idk how old Chris is. Also, you said anyone who posted in this thread. Can I take doubledave??
  16. Probably have to take you up on this. For the record I wasn't "hating" on anyone - if I thought I was 'hating' every time I look at someone play a hand and think it's either bizarre or terrible, then I've probably 'hated on' myself like 5 times in the last week. We all get carried away sometimes... But yeah I'd definitely be down to try to work out a crossbook, though it'll be hard to coordinate. I'll hit you up later this week.
  17. The percentage of "fish" in any given FTP tourney that are rich whales who have a ton of money to spend has to be increddddibly small. The VASTTT majority of truly bad players in these tournies are either satelliters or rando's taking a shot above their roll for fun. The economy has nothing to do with it - this isn't the main event at the WSOP or something, where a bunch of rich guys with no clue just flock to it regardless. It's a small-mid stakes online tournament series. The fish ain't rich. If you're right and it is just this one week and this one FTOPS, then I suppose it's something we
  18. This kind of short-sightedness is why I know it's impossible. Don't get me wrong, I understand what a "must play" tournament is, but "liking money" is exactly why you should be against this new policy long-term.
  19. You had me until the brag at the end, Andres. = ) This is absolutely HORRIBLE whether you have the roll or not. What a complete nightmare of an idea. This is the same kind of stupid gimmick as the "cashout" format, and like that, should be good ONLY for a couple random tournies a day, and 1-2 FTOPS per series. Instead, they've literally ruined an entire FTOPS. Miserable. Would love it if we could actually get people together to boycott this FTOPS, but I'm sure it's impossible. Some of us just want to play poker, for fuck's sake.

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