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  1. I believe he said that fold was to a shove post flop. I can recall a live tournament where I had AA and on 2nd hand player shoved on a K-J-x flop. I mucked AA quite fast. 14K plus shove with blinds at 100, who the hell knows what he has we are two hands in and I have never seen the guy in my life.
  2. You had the right to bet as you made a hand. But that said if the chips were not going to massively change your stack getting the player out can be worth more then the possible chip gain. You say you playing to win, the counter argument to needing chips is, you cant win unless the other players are out.
  3. The simple fact is the game is becoming easier with strong hands in early position. Big pairs you should throttle down when the blinds are low. To many players willing to race because they simply can't play poker.
  4. I think most people are quite nice in live games. The occasional player who drinks to much and gets rude props up. The only player I can't handle is the one who has to much garlic in his diet lol if you know what I mean.
  5. 100K Badge WTG "Kan The Man"
  6. You can open both at the same time I just tried it. Have two laptops side by side AP and UB and I am looking at same cash table. I opened an empty play table and was seated at UB but when I tried to sit at AP it said I alreay had a player associated at the table. I am closing one site now I dont want to get in trouble hehe.
  7. Well this thread takes the cake. It reinforces why I have always played for very little money online. I always knew it was easy to cheat but OMG. In one breath we have a player complaining about 35K he can't collect but he openly admits to having multiple accounts on several sites and to also colluding in a tournament hehe. I also get the impression this player has some "skills" BUT as I have always told my friends. I know alot of very good players who can't hold onto there bankroll. Bankroll management is a large part of being a good poker player. Why do these very talented players always need to be backed? I have been grinding away for six plus years online and in casinos and I am barely an average player and I always have enough to play my tourneys and eat dinners at casino without asking wife for a penny. I am still trying to decide if it would be a good thing or a bad thing for the people who hold the fate of legalizing online poker to read this thread.
  8. I think players tend to "go off" on players online more because you can't see your opponents. I play tons of live tourneys and cash games and have never lost my cool. Yet online I keep trying to stay calm and I loose it at least once a week. Once I kicked a hole in the couch in my basement. Wife wasn't to happy about that one lol. If a middle aged tourist makes a dumb call in casino you understand why and just roll your eyes. Online you do not know if it was some cocky 20 year old, an old timer or maybe a 7 year old sitting on three phone books who snuck on his fathers account.
  9. I have a wee bit of experience in this area lol. I really don't do it that much anymore though. I noticed most of these topics are just a hand history. A true bad beat story needs to be told with feeling. You have to set it up, give us some emotion. Tell us what you were thinking when the idiot spiked the 2 on the turn. Did you kick the couch? Did you scream at the screen leading you neighbors to think you were yelling at your wife? Did you blurt out words that only make sense to poker players leaving those outside puzzled? A hand history is like watching Dragnet, "Just The Facts Maam".

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