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  1. It does/did I have a pending wd now, so I will keep posting updates
  2. I just set up coinbase bit coin wallet, linked my bank account, but im unsure what to do next, how do i get funds off bovada and into my bank account any help would be great
  3. I agree with ^^^ every time we put chips in the pot, we should have a reason or purpose, an example would be if our opponents are folding to small bets, we should be bluffing small is another example
  4. Money in hand or check, this is Merge we are talm bout
  5. Good to hear man, guess I got another month, I requested 4/9 2months to get ur money this sh beyond redic bro
  6. Ugh the 8+week withdrawal problems, are you still pending
  7. Moving in the right direction, I hope we all have our bread soon, cause I want to grind OPS so bad
  8. Taveras05 said his check has cleared, so that's good, but for me I'm not playing until I get a cleared check,if u feel comfortable about your money go for it bro and goof luck
  9. Good to hear man, hope this is the start of better days
  10. Yeah Macho does his thing at the tables, but what's this "volume" list and where do I find it
  11. That's exactly how about 5 of my conversations went, with no real answers or dates to expect my money
  12. I'm done with online poker, too many sites have turned out to be fraud
  13. And I bet ppl are still going to play OPS...sad sad day
  14. Yeah I agree this is prolly the best option around for us, and u don't have to see anyone at your bank
  15. What's your Twitter handle bro, I can't find @beefecee, mines is @abgrayLivePoker
  16. Similar situation on Bovada, hate the software and anonymous players, but all cashout options are available in a weeks time, damn that Merge game selection is so juicy tho
  17. Money in account on 4/18, I'm happy as sh?t to get payed from a poker site. Requested:4/13 Approved:4/15 Available:4/18
  18. WP chip, congrats on the payday!!! Any and all merge payouts need to be celebrated
  19. Let's look at the numbers, the avg. cashout takes 7weeks, it's 52 weeks in a year, with a max of $2500 per cashout, 52/7=7.4, that's 7 cashout per year, 7*2500=$17.500 per year we can expect from Carbon, that's not even minimum wage
  20. On the WPN network, which site has the best selection for MTTs=Gtds, structures and availability

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