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  1. You sure it happened in UK? It sounds more like somewhere in Somalia.
  2. Unable to connect. Is it me, or stars are down again??
  3. To be honest,you should be thankful that someone mentioned it.You brag about running your own bussiness in your other thread yet you can't even find the right balance in your own life not to mention inability to spell. Sometimes you just need to listen what other people are sayin.
  4. Don't really think there was a need for smileys.
  5. I can't get what you're saying though The only word i remember from your post is ' Law '
  6. The whole idea of men entering ladies event is just plain fucking wrong.
  7. I used to think the same way as you be honest.I thought that micro level Sng's are unbeatable,but since i got some training & started to work more on fundamentals slowly,but my game s improving & i already beat the micros.Variance is insane though. GL
  8. Didn't know LadyGaga knew how to play poker though.
  9. no significant info in the article to be honest.i like words in the title ' Possible cancellation '. & to many words ' if '.
  10. i play 18 mans & micro stakes in many cases playing your cards is enough,while your opponents have little clue what they doing & why they are doing it. I try to get some reads early on,but it's not always possibe while multitabling.
  11. awesome app.got disconnected today so finished my last tables on iphone.was kinda weird,because you need to type in the numbers.
  12. . Gl to you Sir! P.S. just looked at my post :) lol,hopefully it's understandable.

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