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  1. Pokerstars is rigged, i think thats the answer you were looking for
  2. Lol @ uk weather sucking coming from someone from NY lmao.The weather is probably worse in NY especially in the winter.
  3. Why do some of you people think you are somehow gonna get your bankrolls back? If these sites still have access to your money how is it possible for them to process any type of withdrawals if they are deemed as criminals by your law? How are they miraculously gonna send you money if they cant operate in the US? gg
  4. Its a joke. if youre rigged to lose youre fking rigged to lose. Some are forunate to be rigged to win.
  5. Its rigged man, i currently have the doomswitch turned on me on that site. When that happens theres nothin you can do but keep playing and take more sick beats. You either go on a heater or get doomswitched, plain and simple.
  6. thats how im gonna soon run after the doomswitch is turned off, then someone will be writing how unreal i run.
  7. How do you know the posters above aren't experienced? You are lucky that you even got a response you should be thankful.
  8. if you arent comfortable with the site move to a different site or quit.
  9. Iits not rigged its fiddled lol, hope that makes you feel alot better
  10. Pokerstars

    You said it!!, vary your range, loosen up, play much aggro coz if ur just gonna play premiums you gonna get your feelings hurt more times than u win. Why not play some junk hand now and then huh?? yeah! why not atleast if u play those your expectations wont be as high as playing aces, so it will be more exciting if u actually won. Stop crying and start sucking out, ur missing out on the fun. 75 and 95 all day :)
  11. You can always mix the 90 mans with some 45s, cuts down a little on the variance
  12. Get used to it. Just the way the cookie crumbles unfortunately.
  13. Theres nothing you can do, just keep playing, you will eventually lose all your money and redeposit, then you will go on an upswing then lose again, thats the way it works :).
  14. scientist78 is nothing, you guys should check out magic612, hes 10 times as hilarious and angrier.
  15. Rondo is a walking triple double, especially in big games. There's no other PG in the NBA who can put that in their resume, maybe Jason Kidd in his prime.
  16. It happens to us all. I am currently going through a downswing and i'm losing hands that are statistically supposed to go in my favour. Losing in the most crucial spots is painful especially when u get soo close and come up short . Although sometimes I feel like hating on donks for their terribad play and getting lucky I cant be too mad coz eventually they will pay me off. You have to be patient and have the mental capacity to deal with the bull**** coz thats poker unfortunately. Always try to improve your play and keep making the right decisions. In the long run you'll make back your losses and your bankroll will be looking alot healthier.
  17. I'd take Rondo over Rose mainly because of his ability to make his team mates better and he has elite passing skills. Rose has the tendencies of a shooting guard at times. If there was a championship game on the line i'd play Rondo due to the fact he can distribute and keep things going smoothly, and he's a better defender and rebounder than Rose. I think Rose is abit one dimensional and the better teams willl zone in on that and come out with plans to slow him down a little bit come playoff time although he's improved thiis year with his 3pt range and better distribution. Theres not alot between the two, they've had some legendary clashes in the past and its always good to watch their duels.
  18. GG sloan, made a few FTs but couldn't quite seal the deal.

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