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  1. Poker will always be frowned upon...and girlfriends will always have some sort of problem with what your doing...good luck finding people that 100% support playing poker for a living. Its nearly impossible to come by...and for good reason. Doesn't matter how good you are, you can always lose. Also...it is still considered "gambling" in everyone who doesn't play pokers eyes. Good luck
  2. just sounds like there are some people are a little bitter over the stress of not winning and seeing people they know win...maybe new jobs should be considered
  3. KJulius10

    UBOC 2

    Ya fuckin AP...is the fuckin pits...how is it this difficult...buncha fuckin morons...how is the 1k not a uboc...do they just not wanna make money or what? And i cant find this fuckin uboc2 to save my life...ap/ub go die
  4. haha thanks kras...post cards in the mail!
  5. thanks a lot bros, really appreciate it
  6. Thanks alot guys, really do appreciate it...def was a very tough field...blueber a true sicko...congrats bro was pretty cool to have a few Naperville IL guys hu...thanks for the support everyone...means a lot
  7. cosign, never have i felt worse in my life when i finally busted, cant imagine busting out a few hours earlier, might not be alive if i did lol
  8. although he was prob just hoping for exactly this...and maybe kiss ape on the lips
  9. as gay as quietwinner is...gotta respect that from both inidividuals
  10. how do u guys feel about having the cake and bodog majors count towards this as well...just feel not many people will be playing cake and bodog concidering the scores cant get big....but the majors are pretty relevant i feel...idk...not a big deal only 2 tournys...just curious
  11. happy new years
  12. KJulius10

    GG ANFO500

    He was honest about the situation...he didnt have to tell anybody any of this...not that that would have a been right...hes tryin to let everyone know the honest truth about the situation...all i can say is a fully respect that and i will immediately search for Mindalterer and note who he is lol...its a tough situation for him and im sure many others have been in this situation and werent so honest about it...it is what it is...good luck on the new name glad u let everyone know...just play poker everyone...oi glgl.
  13. All participants.... ambiguosity gboro dip bboyy agriffrod siola Jlizard Rjules Kjulius10 if you shipped me and i dont have your name up here let me know
  14. $200 largest cash...just ship it to KJulius10 on either Tilt or Stars and leave a post...same name for both...and if you need to ship on AP thats fine but would prefer it on Tilt or Stars...AP name is kejules10...name kyle...the tournys that count will start with the warm up through the super turbo...GL to everyone

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