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  1. lol Pretty sure Cal is one of the best at these games. It's always made me feel a little sick given he is one of the best in the world at MTT's and NLHE MTT's might not even be his best game.
  2. 4b/5b jamming small pairs @ 30bb is gameflow dependent. In general it is far from oi defining. facepalm.gif
  3. 3 weeks = 18 sessions. 2 winning days, 3rd one was still a losing day. 11% = My assessment was close... :p
  4. I'd be lucky if I have 10% winning days. But I'm still not sure if I'm even a winning player.
  5. How is 3b shoving the 4th best starting hand in NLHE OI? Doubt it's neg EV.
  6. When I was at APPT Seoul last year I thought it would be a good idea to just not sleep and grind Sunday (which started at like 11pm or something ridic iirc). At about 3:55am I decided to lay down and "rest my eyes" for the break, woke up at 4:40am or something like that on one of the rare occasions I had a bunch of stacks on a Sunday. Was also Anniversary Million weekend. Was pretty annoyed with myself for doing that.
  7. I don't get how I'm contradicting myself. I'm saying that without being an expert there may be room for mental health issues to be addressed, but at the end of the day you will be relying on those individuals with mental health issues to either be turned in or turn themselves in. In some cases people don't even know they have a problem and everyone thinks they're normal until they snap. By making guns less accessible it will reduce the damage when they do snap or make it impossible for them to act on impulses at that point in time. I'm not saying it's not important. It's clearly very important for broader reasons than public safety. But mental health isn't the main reason why so many are mindlessly murdered every year in the USA. Guns are.
  8. I don't claim to be an expert on mental health issues in the USA (or anywhere for that matter), and I do agree it is part of the problem. But I definitely disagree that it is the larger issue. I heard something recently about the high% of these psychos that have carried out these mass shootings that were actually on medication as children for some kind of mental disorder. I wish I remembered the accurate information better but unfortunately at this time I'm grinding and can't really think what it was precisely. The other element is obviously that people need to recognise they have problems and be self aware enough to try to do something about it. There are also explosions from people completely unassuming and there is nothing you can really do about those cases. I think less accessible high powered guns is the real issue, but yeah sure it is not the only issue at hand.
  9. It's not about prohibition though. I've said multiple times in this thread that I don't think all guns should be banned (nor could they be). But something like legislation in Australia with tight licensing procedures and banning of certain types of guns (semi-automatics etc) would certainly make a substantial difference. Sure, it will be hard. And like I've said before it might take generations. But it has to start somewhere and now is a good a time as any...
  10. I was going to step out of this thread because edukated is doing a fantastic job and bears far more credibility because he is American. However, this attitude infuriates me. Who gives a flying fuck whether how smoothly it would go. Who gives a fuck how difficult it is. Who gives a fuck how small the difference would be in the short term. Is human life not worth it to you? If they implement some tighter gun regulations and save 10 lives a year is it worth it? The attitude of you people is really sickening.
  11. Yeah the lolUSA is great to visit for sure, mostly because it is Westernised therefore everything is easy to navigate/communicate etc etc and they have some really cool places. But America doesn't really rush to help people out of the goodness of their own hearts. America does what fits their agenda best.
  12. Well before you start using numbers in such a factual way, get them right. There is more than 18m people in Australia. QLD is one of the most populated states and one with a heavy alcohol culture and some of the loosest road laws. But that is not the point. Drunk drivers are doing it to themselves. Occasionally yeah they kill other people but it would be nowhere near the total number you have listed. This would be like us taking a suicide number and saying we should ban guns for that reason. It's not right, it's against the law, and it's clearly dangerous. But people are making those choices and doing it to themselves. People that are using guns are killing innocent people for the majority of it. What you are comparing is people making bad choices to commit a crime (which drunk driving is) VS psychos and criminals actively making a decision to commit crimes. I'm not saying it's right. It's clearly wrong and clearly against the law. But they are constantly doing things in an attempt to address it.
  13. You go and find where I said that all guns should be banned.
  14. Well before you go calling everyone idiots how about you take a long look at yourself and your idiotic assessment of my comment. It's ignorance and narrow-mindedness like he was displaying and like you are displaying that allows these things to keep happening at such a high frequency. No, he didn't shoot anyone, but the retardation that you pro-gun people are spitting out is exactly the retardation that will allow this to keep happening. Since Shak doesn't want to answer, I'll ask you. Are you ok with this happening? What should they do about it? Nothing?
  15. This is such a narrow minded attitude. These psychos don't care if they die, hence the majority of them kill themselves anyway. You're not putting fear into them by having guns, sure less will die in those rare instances, but they will still kill. More to the point, if everyone carries guns then there will be more killing by people who have a brain explosion at a certain point in time. School teacher loses his mind briefly and starts shooting kids... Do you want this? Do you want everyone to be armed so that when they have a single moment of craziness they can so easily act on it? It's so non-sensical what you are saying, yet you are so narrow minded that you will probably never get it. More guns = less violence is one of the most retarded lines ever. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to bash you or offend you but it's the only way I can possibly describe it. For those who didn't click on random.chu's link. Watch it and then explain how it can possibly be that less guns = more violence.
  16. Since random.chu has arrived and the thread is bound to go down a certain path now, thought I would quote this and share my thoughts when reading this at the time... [video=youtube;MGQaH3-LK54]
  17. lol I knew you would say something like this given how well you are known for your humbleness and modesty. :)
  18. Eh, I tend to think you're the one who's missing the real point here... You started a thread named "Gun Control Laws", and now you're saying that the issue is online poker being banned or kids not being able to say prayers out loud in schools... wtf? The issue should be the unnecessary deaths that are occurring in the USA way too frequently. The main facilitator of these deaths is guns.
  19. Also, not going to quote everything but agree with basically everything edukated415 has said so far itt.
  20. Ok, what I mean by this is that you are citing some rare instances. Of course I could start citing incidents where guns were instigators or where someone got broken into and there was no rape/violence/shooting/whatever. My point is that there is going to be significantly more instances where this is the case than the rare instances you are sighting. Of course, the massacres and school shootings are rare instances as well, but my real point is that it should be the catalyst for change in a broader sense. I know for a fact as a father that my first instinct when faced with a dangerous situation is to get my child the hell out of there. It's not to protect my belongings or my property or teach the guy a lesson. The safest way is to get the hell out of there. Doubt that makes me a coward. You still have not asked the question I have asked you in multiple posts. I'll ask one more time. The 19yr old woman and her 6 moth old baby were alone in their trailer when a wired crack head tried to break into her trailer. She warned him to leave multiple times. He did not. He eventually got inside her trailer, she shot him. If you believe that people should not be allowed to have guns, then what should she have done? Pray? Run away (meaning a possible confrontation)?, Hope that when he breaks in he'll not harm them? Call the police (and hope nothing bad happens in the 15-30 minutes it takes for them to get there)? Hit him with a blunt object and hope that stops him? Well yeah, firstly she should call the police. Secondly, avoidance should be the key priority. How do I get out of this situation, and get my child out of this situation as quickly as possible? But again, this is a rare incident and there are a lot of things about the whole situation that are pretty extreme circumstances (eg; she was in a trailer, if it was in a house like the majority of the population and she saw someone trying to break in she could much more easily escape). And yeah I'm actually sure if push came to shove there would be some household objects that would work as deterrants if she were to hit the guy with them. I will admit at this point that I probably don't fully understand how violent it is in the USA. We live in peace here in Australia and random acts of violence like the ones you are mentioning are extraordinarily rare. I have had multiple discussions about this and I tend to believe people exaggerate the violence and threats of violence in their own homes in the USA. But again, I don't really know, that is just an assumption. If I understand what you're saying, you are saying that common sense in reducing guns in circulation will see the reduction of ridiculous massacres happening, and that since the threat of assault of injury by a criminal is rare, we should take away peoples guns? Yet, in reality, there are usually between 5-10 mass shooting incidents per year, and literally thousands of incidents of violence against innocent civilians, many resulting in rapes and fatalities, so I guess I don't understand your logic. I'm saying there will be a reduction of all of it to be honest. How often are people threatened with a gun and then raped or eventually murdered when that is someone's intent? So many cases like this a gun would be involved to keep the victim quiet or get them to do exactly what the predator wishes because there is the very real threat of their life in the form of a gun. To go further, it could also prevent guns from instigating in the event of a home robbery or whatever. Guns kill and guns protect, because guns kill. You want to take away guns, then yes, some mass shootings will not happen. There will still be some mass killings with knives and other forms , and many people will become victims of criminals that they would have not been otherwise if they were armed. The ease in which someone can go on a "spree" with a knife is not nearly as damaging as someone with a gun. People stand a chance if they fight against a psycho with a knife, when someone has a gun they stand little to no chance. There will not be an uprising of criminals if guns are eradicated. The same psychos and criminals will still exist, and let's be honest, if someone has those impulses to rape or murder they often get it done regardless of whether the person has a gun or not. By your logic we should see rape and murders all the time in Australia because we don't have a gun in every house. But we don't, can you explain that? I hate to go down this path because crime is crime and anything that threatens the peace that people are entitled to is wrong. But if given the option I'm sure the average person would prefer to have their face bashed in and live the rest of their life then have their life ended. This is a dumb path to go down, but there is a difference between someone being bashed and someone being murdered. Lastly, you still haven't answered my question now... What should they do about it? Nothing? Are you comfortable for this to keep happening? Are you comfortable with how many people are killed by guns each year in the USA?
  21. ok, I'll bite. I think the ludicrous thing about your post and your examples is exactly that. You are citing incidents that happen. Fuck dude, it happens, it happens all around the world. There are some really bad people in the world, it's just how it is. When people break into someones home, I don't think it is right to say they are breaking in to rape or murder someone for the most part. In terms of criminal activity it is extremely rare that there is a random murder just for the sake of it. Even still, what are the chances you get to use your gun if someone breaks in with the soul intention of killing you while you sleep? You want to throw out all this political jargon to remain right up there on the high horse, but this is the real world kid. It's not about politics, or stats, it's about common sense. Common sense to me is that the reduction of guns in circulation will see the reduction in these ridiculous massacres happening. I'm not saying that crime will be eradicated, there will always be criminals and psychos, we need to reduce the damage they can do. You know nothing about me btw. I have been confronted with a syringe in a robbery and also had my house broken into twice while I was at home in bed (I'm a heavy sleeper and didn't even wake). I also have a toddler and would do anything to protect him given the circumstances. In saying that, I don't need a gun to feel safe. I probably feel safer without one (maybe a derivative of where I live vs where you live). So let me ask you. Should they do nothing? Just let it happen, shrug shoulders and say meh? Or are you going to start saying that more guns is the answer?
  22. Oh, and not turning this into an Australia vs United States argument. That's retarded and so far away from anything that resembles the topic at hand. I'm comfy where I reside, I know where I'd prefer to live, and it seems you do too.

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