• Profession One day I'll get sucked into this BS for a living.
  • Favorite Place to Play Live PokerWhere the fishies go!
  • Hobbies Snooker and a lil bit of pokie.
  • Favorite Cash Games 25c/50c full ring NLHE, don't mind six max either.
  • Favorite Tournament Game MTTs

-SAVAGE3000- - Poker Player Profile

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    10,974 (2015)
    Sliding PLB


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      Won $25 at $11 NLHE, $3.5K Gtd

      Aug 6th, 2016


    Started playing back in late 2003 when I saw my brother playing, then I got hooked playing play money tables for over a year (yes, PLAY money for over a year). I've been fortunate that I've always been a winning player from day one playing real money, it helped to make all the silly mistakes with the play $ I guess, playing $5 and $10 donkaments has helped too! I'm doing a lot of reading and learning at the moment which is why I'm rarely at the tables. I'll be dedicating a lot more time to this game in 2010 and I'll see how that goes. If I'm pro by 2013 I'll be happy! Good luck at the tables and may the fish by with you...