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  1. Congrats on the heater. Contine to work full or part time and play stakes suitabte for your bankroll. Glgl to ya
  2. Good job dixie I appreciated you running tjese in the past and hope you continue to run them in the future. And glgl on the felt
  3. Sick last 2 days krush now get some sleep so you can help contribute to our team a little more
  4. we are team "Midwest Maniacs" unless my team wants something else
  5. sent on bcp - Dr3amCrush3r playing this series under 3outer4heaps
  6. Im on my phone but dont see my name on the list. I posted on page 4 and would like in and will pay monday night sometime on bcp
  7. Awesome report. Glad your enjoying the site and how it has helped you thus far. If you would like to talk poker or review a ghost sometime just shoot me a message on here since I have played with you quite a bit so far...best of luck on and off the felt sir
  8. Wow that's such bs when that happens
  9. hi I am currently in the USA but am looking to relocate to costa rica. Am also interested in panama and Ecuador I currently play low to midstakes mtts and would continue to do so once able to get on stars/tilt. I am a 24 male and not looking for a baller setup unless there are numerous roommates to keep costs down lmk if interested for more details about me
  10. hey Vinny gl on the grind and building your roll back up. Ill see ya on the felt I usually play $11s and under

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