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  • Profession Degen nation station
  • Favorite Place to Play Live PokerAbroad
  • Hobbies Degening, punta del este, riding powder... good stuff in that system
  • Favorite Cash Games 10-20 HU
  • Favorite Tournament Game 109 1r1a turbo

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    4 (2010)
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    1,100 (88%)


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      Won $495 at Hotter $215, $75K Gtd

      Nov 18th, 2018

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      Won $2,744 at No Limit Hold'em - Main Event, Mid-States Poker Tour - MSPT Minnesota

      Dec 6th, 2018

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      Katt Williams meltdown in Denver

      Nov 2nd, 2012

    • $3,000,000 in lifetime cashes
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    I started playing poker around 15 or 16 in high school but was so fcking terrible but thought i was THE MAN. Pretty sure we have all been there many-a-time. Anyway, I didn't truly get good til the summer of 08 in which i literrally bubbled every majo

    P5s Scouting Report

    Kevin Eyster took down the PokerStars Daily Eighty Grand twice in October '09 for $31,700 and $19,900. He also has a victory in the Full Tilt Poker Friday Night Fight for $30,500 (Aug '09) and debuted in the Top 100 at #71 in October '09. Since then, he has a victory in the Full Tilt Poker $200k Guarantee (Nov '09) for $81,000 along with a win in the Cake Poker $250k Guaranteed for $50,500 in December '09. He also placed 2nd in the Stars $200 Sunday rebuy in December '09 for another $32,200. Kevin has a victory in the PokerStars $1k Super Tuesday for $73,900 and an August '10 runner-up finish in that same event for $60,400.

    In December 2012, Eyster hit it big after winning an FTOPS jersey and walking away with $79,000. He won a World Series of Poker bracelet in 2014 in a $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Six Handed event and earned $622,000.