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    Although my efforts to be an intellectual turned out to be mostly ineffectual, I still believe I have the potential to become more existential, but realize in the end I'll most likely remain inconsequential.
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    32Red Poker
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    Real Estate Investor
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    Biloxi, MS
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    Pool, reading, football, watching televised poker
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    Omaha 8b, .50/$1 and under
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    NL/PL HE MTTs, $10 and under

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    Motorcycles don't just make you look cool, they're fun as shit to run around on. I love to take the Purple Scourge (my 1996 Honda Magna 4 cylinder) out for my daily 30-mile Race vs The Grim Reaper. Sex is really good, but riding a biker is gotta be in the top 3 best things in life.

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