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    The author of three thrillers, available in paperback or digital at Amazon or Smashwords, as well as the author of "The Reclaim System", a bankroll management guide.
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  1. All excellent advice, but I agree with MakemeSmile... bankroll management is a vitally important aspect of managing variance. I'm no expert, but I've sold a couple of copies of my own bankroll management system "The Reclaim System", if you want to check it out. It teaches you how to take advantage of winning OR losing streaks within your bankroll limits, which in turn will control your variance. Check it out on Amazon if you like, and feel free to hit me up on email. Best of luck!
  2. I keep it rather simple by tracking the "Average Stack". When my chip stack reaches around 50% of Average, I tend to start looking for that double-up or bust opportunity. When it works I'm back to average, and most likely in the Top 25% of the field again. :)
  3. Thank you, sir! Much appreciated. :)
  4. Just to add to my first post, after almost making the money last night, I have won another seat today for 0.25c. That means I get to try again this coming Sunday... :)
  5. Hey AJ, Thanks for the motivation. :) I just finished playing... made 294th out of 1944 players. So a deep run, but just short of a cash! (250th paid). I ran above average stack for the entire tournament until my AK ran into AA. Then I had to make a move with around 7 blinds left with pocket 6's. Beaten by AJ with a flopped Ace. It was fun though, and a good experience! Would have loved to cash though, after almost 3 hours! Anyway... such is poker. :)
  6. Hey all... I'm new to Pocket Fives, and I just love this site! It's so informative and educational! As a very low stakes player I have been learning and growing my game. I've just recently started giving Satellite tournaments a go and today I won a 1st stage Satellite for 0.25c at 888 poker, which led me to a $2.20 direct Satellite to the $22.00 Mega Dozen, kicking off in 4 hours. I managed to squeeze in a seat to this tourney! (Yeehaa!) This will probably be my biggest online tournament to date, so wish me luck! I will feedback my progress.

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