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    32Red Poker
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    outflipping people
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    Topeka, KS
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    poker and sports
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    NL/PL HE, $1/$2 to $2/$4
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    NL/PL HE MTTs, $20 to $50

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  1. jorgeezy and ghettofabolous dont count as people you've been fortunate enough to talk about?...and in your backstory that you've given, they arent mentioned at all...good to see you remember where you came from anyway, a hypothetical question ----- lets say you have a friend who taught you a ton about poker, backed you, and saw enough potential in you to have you live with his friend in...lets say...ohio...this friend lets you live in vegas for free during the summer, paid for all your groceries and rent and only added it to your makeup...this friend basically took you off the streets...its hypothetical remember!...this friend has a girlfriend...shes maybe j5ss...and she digs you...flirts with you...etc...would u get with her?...its a tough situation, just curious what you'd do also, whats your favorite color?...GOOD LUCK AT THE TABLES

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