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  1. Hello marketplace I play poker part time and work in the insurance industry full time. I mainly play online and take a few trips a year to play in live games. I have played some events in this package the last couple years. Last year made day 2 in the 200k gtd event expecting to run deeper this year. Sharkscope playing on merge( Baktozero9) Opr playing on merge (Baktozero9) Regardless if package sells I will likely be playing these events. 200k GTd 7/22 buy in $125.00x4 re entry Nightly tournament 7/22 $125.00 buy in x2 re entry (usually first place is about 6k to 7k) total buy ins $750.00 Mark up 1.1 total $825.00 Selling 70% Min purchase 2 % 2% $16.50 5% $41.25 10%$82.50 25%$206.25 For payment I will accept Wells Fargo transfer, BoA transfer, or cash app. If I am unable to use some of the entries or miss a event I will refund the said shares with markup included. If winnings are over 5k in this package I will require relevant tax info in order to receive payment. After this package has concluded I expect to distribute funds owed back to investors in 3 to 5 days. I will be updating the progress in this package via this thread. If requested I will provide pictures of tournament entry receipts. Good luck to all investors!

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