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    Love to spend time with my 3 girls Anna, Emily, and Sarah. Love to talk poker with my good friend Mark and argue about poker strategy and play.
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    32Red Poker
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    Project Manager
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    Sahara Hotel & Casino
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    Online Poker
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    Omaha H/L
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    Omaha H/L

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  1. The first hand, that is one of my favorite tricks. Slow play the monster (check calling) on the flop and go all in on the river and hope the "donk" has enough to think you are trying to buy the pot. He only needed AQ or 2 spades to beat you on the river anyway. WAY too many hands that could beat you. You should have folded. If you think these are bad, I'll send you some bad beats or set up hands, lol. The second hand you played right but since this is a rebuy tourney he played right too. When he makes the reraise, you have to know you are "probably" either a slight favorite at best or a huge dog if they raised with AA KK QQ. Of course you will get the occasional reraise with a smaller pair. I would recommend you stay away from rebuys because they can really eat up your bankroll when you get on a bad streak. Not trying to offend you, just been there myself before. One of the most important skills in poker is learning how to fold. Later!

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