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    Hey, I'm a 21 year old college student in Portland from Seattle who loves the game of poker and is looking to improve and keep learning. Feel free to hit me up if you wanna talk poker or anything else.
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    Can't resist the suited connectors
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    Happily unemployed
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    1/3, 3/5 NL
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    $109 warmup

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  1. I want to nominate a good friend of mine, Tyler Goffinet. Tyler is a very solid tournament player and is definitely very profitable at the $5.50-11 buy in ranges. He's been busy with his job lately has not been able to put in the volume he wants, but every day he has off he is constantly trying to watch and learn. Especially lately, he always wants to sweat my sessions through teamviewer to try and learn new things and gain new information, and the amount of information he has absorbed in a few weeks of watching has been tremendous. He really absorbs and learns information quickly, and adapts his game based on the information he's learned, which is why I would believe he would get the most out of this session (a.k.a max value :D ). He's expressed a huge interest in getting to that next level and moving up in stakes and this would be a great opportunity for him to get closer to that goal. I hope he gets this because I know it would be very well used. He works hard and he deserves it.

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