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    Atlantic City born and raised. Always improving.
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    Seeing the world (and the world's poker rooms)
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    1/2 NLHE
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    888 PKO tournaments

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  1. Wondering if I got max value out of this hand, and how I could have extracted more: 1/2 NLHE at the Borgata. Have been sitting for about 30 minutes. Table is relatively soft. have ~150 BBs (~300$) behind). Previous hand I got JJ and took it down PF with a three bet. Table might think I am playing LAG. On the button, get 3 limps. I look down at KdKh. Make it 15 to go. SB (~250 behind) calls. Cut off (~350 behind) makes it 40. Cut off is tight aggressive. SB is a gambler. I decided to flat the 40 and play post flop in position. Thinking a raise would only force out the gambler who might continue with draws and I am assuming they both have an Ax hand. Don't want to get it all in PF just to be sucked out on. Rather pot control and play later streets for stacks. So there is about 110 in the pot. Flop comes J49 rainbow. Checked to me. I make it 50. CO visibly displays that he will fold once I put in 50, SB calls, CO folds. Keeping full aggression as long as board doesn't pair Jacks or bring an A. Will reeval based on action in those cases. About 210 in pot now. Turn is another 9. Board is J499. Checked to me. I make it 95. SB tanks for about 30 seconds and folds. Scoop the pot. Thinking back, I put the CO on either 10's or AK/AQ. SB on a Jx combo or a 10K 10Q. Should I have played this differently? Is this line okay?

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