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  1. nice work bud. Keep it up!
  2. I have entered, and will accept my winnings now. Thanks! lol
  3. I just registered and playing 2 tourneys right now. $11 10k GTD and $3.30 2k GTD. No issues.
  4. I'm partial to San Fran Rush, as Faraz is my coach and I am a RIO member...lol However, I think London, LA, and New York have the best teams IMO.
  5. Here is a simple suggestion for the ACR rep. GET NEW SERVERS!
  6. I like folding here pre. Even if you are ahead here against SB range, you still have to be concerned about the initial raiser. I think if you are going to play this, a small 4 bet looks super strong to the initial raiser, who only has 20 BB, and I would think the plan here is to be heads up with the SB and not playing this hand OOP in a multiway pot. If you flat the SB shove, your hand is pretty face up and gives the initial raiser a chance to rejam for his stack, which probably means we are beat here without much equity.
  7. I used to be one of those guys that would say something or berate a player that would get lucky on me or play his hand poorly or whatever, but that was before I knew that was an awful idea! Obviously knowing it is just awful to berate the fish or educate players at the table, it's still tough for me to adapt. I work on tilt control a ton, using among other things Jared Tendlers book, and it has helped me tremendously, Clearly we want/need fish/bad players at the table or everyone would play near perfect and there would be no money to be made. I personally believe that I also want to act and treat people as I want to be treated, therefore it's not necessary to act like a macho tough kind of guy at the table when I am not like that away from the table.
  8. Well some of us, I won't mention any names, take lessons from well known pros (like the guy who started this thread) and never had a need to renter because the knowledge they have received is superior to all other entrants, therefore 1 bullet is always enough! Lmao! I would say 2-3 on average, as I usually enter each starting flight, if necessary, which is usually 3 day 1's in a live setting of WSOPC, HPT, MSPT, etc as that is what I happen to be comfortable with based on my bankroll. On line I find myself just using 1 retry, and maybe you can help me with this on our next visit, but I make it deep enough often to find myself needing to rebuy but only getting 10-12 BB's, so I am unsure if that is +EV? Love this discussion, and hope your doing well bro! Talk with you soon!
  9. Considering the action post flop, I am raising this flop 100% of the time. You hand is still very vernurable to AA/KK/QQ type hands w/club, and the initial raiser bet into 6 people! There is no guarantee they are folding since most players at these stakes get married to an over pair, so I much prefer to get the money in ahead if that's the case. I would ask myself(pre) what is the goal of playing a suited connector here? Obvisoulsy to make a flush, straight, some type of 2 pair or combo draw type hand, so when you basically flop gin, AND there are multiple players showing interest in the hand, I think you must raise here! EVERY TIME! Unless your plan was to fold the turn somehow to aggression or a lead. Obviously the older man could have flopped a better flush, but that of coarse is the risk with a hand that only makes a 5 or 6 high flush. I am happily calling with the intention of reloading if you got out flopped, since the variance that goes with playing these types of hands sometimes backfires on us!
  10. I personally like a fold pre here. 3 betting is not a bad option if you think he is opening light enough to get folds a good %. As played, betting river here is prolly best as it seems that's the concensus, and probably what I would do.
  11. Ugh, I am hating this spot. I RARELY see a recreational player in a 1/2 game take a c/r line on flop and lead turn without the NUTS. She is clearly not concerned about the strength of your hand, and almost inviting a call on the turn. I think a fold here is best for sure, as you cannot fold river after committing half your stack in this pot. You aren't really getting the right odds here based on stack size, and might not even have any implied odds if a heart hits the river. Unless you have a live read, she is taking this line as a bluff(which I would be shocked) I would fold here!
  12. Seek the help of a member/coach here that goes by GAGS30! Michael will get your poker game squared away for sure. Great to work with!
  13. Here is the reason why I said it was a clear fold IMO. Do we think, as a "rec" player, he is capable of flatting AA, KK or even QQ? There is very little reason for him to just flat here in the BB, IMO. IF he is a "rec" player, my experience is that he is shoving almost 100% of his range if he wants to play his hand, regardless of the action, especially because he has everyone in the hand covered! So if you give him a flatting range of ? 22+, and A9ss+ ONLY (Which I think is probably too tight), you are only 50.75% fav.
  14. Seems like villian is on auto pilot with his sizing. I guess since you have no reads you can't say for sure, but seems like some kind of 2 pair or set type hand. If he were drawing, he could have checked back turn to realize his equity for free, so seems like his river bet here is a hand that you probably cannot beat, A9, A8, 98, 99, 88,JT, and even AJ, AT though he might check these back.

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