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  1. Well, to be honest, I really don't have much to report. I felt like writing a blog, and now that I have started I'm kinda struggling with material here. I guess I can start by saying that I found a lot of irony in re-reading my last two blogs. The second last one was regarding the biggest tournament win of my life. Probably my most favourite entry and most positive and exciting blog that I have written. Certainly my biggest win of my life to date. My last blog was the exact polar opposite. It was about the worst possible poker experience of my life. I don't think I use to write blogs as far back as when I was 19. However, the only situation that came close to this, as far as bad poker experiences go, would of been when I bubbled twice on Monte Carlo tournament packages. This was an extremely big deal five years ago, and I was not as experienced in feeling the disappointment that poker so often throws at you. What a drama case I was though after my mistype, or misclick, or whatever you want to call it last blog. Boarderline embarrassing. I guess I added a smidge of flair on the actual state of mind I was in. I was pissed and super upset and sad about it. But, the next day I was fine. Actually, the only thing I regretted the next day was not going out with my friends to party in Toronto. What it all comes down to, is shit happens. It's obviously a lot easier to shrug off after a big win too. But, even still, poker is just like life in so many ways. It really is true that whatever doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. An experience like this is like a reality check. It makes you feel that hurt; that sting that makes the good times all the more better. Plus, now when I lose, I can say, “Ya, that sucked, but hey, I've felt worse”. The WCOOP (World Championship of Online Poker) has been going on since Sept 3rd. I've played almost no poker since it started except events in this. It runs until Sept 20th and I've played almost all the events. I did not realize how draining and awful this really was. It's really making me realize how so much of the majority of the time I actually hate playing. Sure, it's fun once your deep in the money, but that very rarely happens. I'm playing amazing and I think my game has done a complete positive 180 in the last 6 months. However, it's still just annoying, and it's still work, and Sunday when it's finished can't come sooner enough. I don't know how these MTT (multi-table tournament) grinders do it. Anyone who says that shit isn't work is crazy! It's literally sitting in front of your computer all day doing repetitive shit. It's all pretty cut and dry and the tough spots don't happen near enough to make it exciting. Maybe it'd be a lot more fun with more tables, but more then likely it would just be even more exhausting. No thank, that's not the life for me. When this is over I'm taking a monster break. From a recreational perspective, I'll probably go to Aruba Poker Classic in early october for a week. It's getting a little too cold around these parts, and I haven't hit the Ocean in a while. I'll obviously play the $5000 main event there, but that's probably it. I won't be playing any side games or other tournaments. It'll definitely just be vacation time. From a business perspective, things are looking super bright and exciting. I think I've decided for the most part that I don't want to get too personal and be so specific regarding this. Mainly though, it's just kinda boring, so why bother. The time I have at home will be the usual during the winter. A TON of sports! My Raiders were back in business with a devastating loss on Monday Night. Let's not talk about that. Well, actually, I'll say one thing. That game reminded me why I became a fan many years ago. We have the most passionate crazy ass fans in the league. On the whiter side, we have the Penguins start up the season soon to defend our Stanley Cup! It's going to be a hell of a season and I can't wait. I've never had a team I love make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, let alone win. I was always scared that if it ever happened I'd feel like I was content, and there would be nothing more for me to wish for. However, it's quite the contrary. I didn't realize how much more excited it makes you. I see myself watching almost every single game this season. It's going to be amazing. Point being, sports are back, and I LOVEEEE sports! Other then sports, I plan on playing a lot of tennis, and working out a lot, and just chilling. Lots of partying as usual and hopefully eating a little more healthier. I lost all the weight I gained and am happy again with my weight and % body fat. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the crazy intense tennis that Alexey and I have been playing. That reminds me, it's almost 3 am and were playing tomorrow morning so it's bed time for me. Pace fuori tutti!

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