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  1. First post of his blog (August 29th): "Hey guys! This is my first real blog where I will try to update as much as possible to keep you updated about my current activities in poker and my travels. I recently turned 21 and from then on my plan for the next 12 months has been to make 1,000,000$ profit. Yes, that’s unlikely, but it’s not impossible. And aslong as I didn’t achieve it I will give it all I have to achieve it. I think that’s the purpose of a goal. I know that it’s not necessarily smart to set money goals, but I think I am in the right state of mind to handle it if I don’t make it. If I grow as a person and as a player on the way I won’t be sad if I didn’t make it. To make that happen I will grind the whole year both online and live." That's pretty effing inspirational, gotta set goals.

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