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  1. lol @ this post... I think making a living is still possible! I think there are like 20 different random games on the next I could play that would make me 20k a month in my sleep. As it is, I'd probably say 50k is an average month for me at 5/10. I did that in two weeks in May since I was out of town... yea yea, it's extraordinarily fun to be good...
  2. yea, i hate those arrogant bastards that think they are better than everyone else
  3. I think you should fold, I think the minraise should tell us that he's got a set!
  4. The greatest accomplishment in online poker is obviously aejones final tabling 6 of 8 109rs, and getting back to back 3rds in the fuper. I mean, dude final tabled like 8 of 50 tournaments he played, that is sick. aejones is sick good. Long live aejones: the man, the myth, and the legend.
  5. aejones


    i didn't challenge him, plz practice reading comprehension, k thnx. also, i have no freakin idea who these people are, i'm not really up on poker internet gossip, i just read strat stuff and post bout myself
  6. aejones


    lol, that is a joke, nice try tho
  7. aejones


    get the hell out of here clown, don't you read any of the strat threads weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  8. aejones


    btw i was loooking throught he rankings, stuart paterson is ranked i don't wanna be ranked end of story
  9. aejones


    lol @ joeytheb that guy is "ranked" he's on this site? srsly? honestly, he might be the nicest guy in the wrold... but i automatically assumed that he was just a tournadonator
  10. aejones


    refresh my memory?

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