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  1. €urop€an BigHuni C. Darwin2 apestyles Jason Mercier ImaLucSac LexVeldhuis moorman1
  2. Hi, My name is Aikon007 @ PokerStars. I Just got a coaching deal with a very good P5’s coach and I like to apply for a stake in some MTT’s now. I am looking for micro/low/medium MTT stake keeping ABI around 3$ - 30$. For the following Week 24/25 Play’s what backer thinks is proper selection of tournaments for their investment. One suggestion is these tournaments, but this is open for the backer is: Big $5.50 x 5=$39 Big $8.80 x 5=$44 Big $11 x 5=$55 Big $22 x 5=$110 Hot $11 x 5=$55 Hot $16.50 x 5=$82.50 Other $11 x 5=$55 Other $5.50 x 7=$38.50 Total: 100% - $479 I’m selling all 100% here, and since this is backing, the stake cut/deal will be 80/20 to backer’s favour. All funds will be transferred immediately after this deal/schedule is finished and agreed with backer. PM me on P5’s or add me on Skype – “Aikon” if you are interested. References are given upon request.
  3. Hi, I have been a member of PocketFives since April 2011. Live in Norway. Will now look for the possibility of being backed in tournaments. If anyone is interested PM me. I'm looking for 100% backing on PokerStars, I want to play the tournaments my backer recommend for a deal on 80/20 in favor backer. References / email / skype given out at PM. Aikon007 @ PokerStars http://www.pocketfives.com/profiles/aikon/

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