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  1. and once again...LOL....ur crack staff keeps the site up for couple days
  2. https://gyazo.com/721d581e6b4bc8c3b9dbeadafd7fadff
  3. How does any true poker player ever play at ANY of his casinos?? Boggles the mind imo
  4. This is misinformation because he clearly doesn't have a heart....for the lives he altered he can go f off imo.
  5. These high stakes pros make bets over dinner all the time. Wasn't a straight up bet either..sounds like Mike laid odds and then accepted the bet when Forrest said how much he was gonna bet. Pretty sure comparing losing weight with flying w/o wings is a little bit of a stretch....since one can be accomplished and the other can't.
  6. I really like calling his cbet. It's doubtful he has spades and without any real number of hands we really don't know his 3b range. Some lagtards open real wide but 3b extremely tight while others 3b their whole open range. I think calling gives some pot control and keeps villains bluff ranges in. I don't think if a spade hits it's bad...as i said doubtful he has spades. I really think the only real scare card is an Ace. Most loose 3b inexperienced players seem to love 3b'ing any ace. So I think their range is slightly weighted to Ax. I check call flop and check call turn if it's any card othe
  7. yea..than got a second in the $55 35k turbo....great night
  8. the $200 40k on bovada.....weeeee
  9. ur right..i sort of decided to forget about the turn bet when i stated that...oops....
  10. he cleverly hid in his opening statement he has 42 bigs...i missed it first time too rungoodgid.....don't know how much strength we're really repping here as this is a button raise and a bb 3b. So we'll say we're playing 240k effective stacks here by my crude math i think u have bout 90k behind after your turn bet. so you're getting 90k:360k for a call here ?? seem close?? so if we assume the villian has AT then ur a 20.45% to win this hand if u call the turn shove . So we are about dead even on call fold here...but this only assumes he does this with the nuts and never with 2 pair
  11. Early on in my grind i may not be very focussed...it's early in everything...so i may surf the web a bit to kill some of the boredom of the early stages....sometimes i am paying attn to everything going on...but it's usually looking for new music setting up my player and such
  12. i assume the cutoff made the initial raise....than no...don't think it's bad at all to shove here since he only has 20bb's...and i don't think you can flat here as you really don't have enough odds to flat ( this value fluctuates for me from 15:1 to 20:1 depending on the player) but i think you're at about 7:1 to flat and setmine. So ur only choices are really shove or fold....as if u raise i think ur priced in to a call vs the 20bb stack (without seeing this in a replayer i'm sort of winging it here with the numbers) So I think i like the shove since there is FE vs a laggy player. UL that the

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