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  1. While I feel that your best of flop plays would be electing to raise your opponent's bet, I suppose I can see the merit in electing to call in its stead. By doing so, we can first glance upon a turn, which we hope to be a pleasant card for us. In addition, our hand, which is in fact quite strong, appears to our villain to be weak. Such deception! However, while you may convince me, perchance, that your best flop play is the calling option, there is little doubt in the expanses of my mind that your optimal play once we've reached the turn is to raise! Not only does this reap the obvious benefit of maximizing the absolute value of our hand, there is quite a good chance Mr. Mitchell will take an overly-aggressive, less-than-optimal line henceforth. I must say, gentlemen, we are, after all, discussing the dynamics that exist between two individuals for whom public perception would label them quite aggressive indeed! I am confident that the decisions you'd made on previous actions over the course of this hand will make it awfully unlikely that your opponent will be able to correctly determine your hole cards. Through his analysis of the hand, Mr. Mitchell will undoubtedly take note of the fact that we elected simply to call on a flop that all would agree is rather coordinated, and will view our raise on the latter street as simply unbelievable. Fortunately for our prospects of winning this hand, it is highly unlikely that Mr. Mitchell would choose to pass on his option to raise prior to the community cards being dealt, mostly because of your devil-may-care image in the community in regards to your pre-flop decision-making . If, by the grace of his Almighty, Mr. Mitchell happens to be holding a queen and a jack, or a three paired with another, yet still choose to bet out against his pre-flop aggressor, then he is truly a blessed creature. I should also note, before parting, that while the large nature of our opponent's bet on the ultimate street is certainly reason for fear, we must be true to our courageous nature and call. The course of the hand to this point would provide no other option.

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