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    Matthew Stout
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    I blog and offer private one-on-one coaching @ my website.[url]www.stoutpoker.com[/url]
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    No Gamble, No Future
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    Melbourne, Australia
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    Hockey, Road Trips, Roller Coasters, Football, Baseball
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    Live PLO
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    NL rebuy MTTs

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  1. Melanie Weisner and I are doing our due diligence right now in order to be properly informed on the Lock cash out situation post-WSOP. Some of the info here is difficult to navigate, so we would like to request updates on all ROW cash out situations sent to LockCashouts@gmail.com. Please send an email from the address on the account with the amount, date requested, cash out method, and date received if applicable. We would appreciate info on both successful and pending cash out requests. We apologize if this requires double posting but we really need to get one streamlined compilation here to have proper info. We recognize how big of an issue US cashouts are as well, but we were only promised improvements by certain dates on the ROW cash outs for now so that is what we need to focus on at the moment. Also, if there is any truth to the information in the following post, I'd like appreciate it if 2p2 poster IWORKATLOCK would contact me via DM and provide me with proof. I'll be DMing the account as well to request proof. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/195/lock-poker/truth-about-lock-1359293/

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