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    I apoligise for digging up shit from past to you know who, gl in future
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    Care Worker
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    horticulture and cycling
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    0.5-1 8game
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    pko low-mid
  1. does pocketfives track carbon anymore if so wtf am i missing ya
  2. alun


    Was the indepth strat articles how he thinks through certain hands written by him or what, im just curious at the time he crushed and backed up his superior thinking,i was his biggest fan then he stops posting, stops being admin, blocks his stats and struggles playing mincash couple times a week, not getting a score in 4+ years, can variance be this brutal, funny how he dissapears as admin, and the drastical drop began, seems weird to me.
  3. I remember when cal was no1 and thinking mid 8000plb that was the highest id seen and him being renowned as the goat online mtter it would be a feat to pass him, so with top2 current spots lena900 with neally 9700 and sixth sence 9419,so are the elite geting even better or as the scoring system changed.
  4. If he had you covered id be close to calling, but with 0 info its a tough spot, hes doing this i assume with midpair, to midhigh pairs, jqs+ a7s+ a10+ whats your history with this guy, and what do you believe his perceived image of you is.
  5. Go on ben fella, you repping the storybook journey youve taken since going, parttime to pro superb, so keep doing what you doing, and all the best fella
  6. Always listen to good friends advice, going with your heart isnt always the +ev thing to do, if you can learn brm which im quickly realising is one of the key factors in poker without a doubt then it turns from betting the felts ie gambling to a longterm investment that should turn a profit consistantly cos you have the bankroll to ride the variance, that in itself is an hard skill to master but if you have that in your armoury along with a good game and tilt control then you are on the right path to being a proffesional poker player.
  7. he was after u knockout bounty ;) small 3bet and outplay him postflop, the hand would of been yours before the river imo.
  8. Exactly, id love to hear an anwser to this.
  9. The only thing i can think of is he probably got restless playing a deep stack, but still :), ahh well onto the next 1.
  10. PokerStars Hand #141889153628: Tournament #1336933480, $10+$1 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XVII (1200/2400) - 2015/10/07 22:40:41 WET [2015/10/07 17:40:41 ET] Table '1336933480 15' 9-max Seat #4 is the button Seat 1: Pappamo69 (58561 in chips) Seat 2: nzking09 (239820 in chips) Seat 4: juliox51...i (199892 in chips) Seat 5: JørnM (52050 in chips) Seat 7: Certh (112455 in chips) Seat 8: pokerclann1 (102767 in chips) Seat 9: lubos1980cz (48833 in chips) Pappamo69: posts the ante 240 nzking09: posts the ante 240 juliox51...i: posts the ante 240 JørnM: posts the ante 240
  11. i think the signs are clear to see when it comes to cash games, gone are the days where you hear ppl running up their bankrolls to small fortunes.
  12. closed, lifes being a bitch atm, gl to whoevers in.

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