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  1. I will make this quick, My boss forced me to take a vacation and he paid for everything including my poker (I know way to nice of a boss). The poker was not good but the strangest thing happened and I wanted to see what the odds are this has happened to anyone else. When we checked into the hotel and they asked for the credit card to charge room charges to. I told them it was prepaid and she then said it wasn't but I could get my boss to fax the form back to her and they would charge it to his card when they got it back. Anyways I gave her my card info and went to the room to begin and great free weekend on the company. When we checked out and the lady said you want everything charged to the card on file? I asked her what card she had thinking everything was handled and she said it was MC ending in 7890 I looked down and noticed that was mine so I said HELL NO you guys have a fax from my boss with his number and info and somebody better find it because I ain't calling him at 9am Sunday morning. She went to the back and came back with the form and she says it is the same as the one in the computer. So we looked at my card and his and we noticed the last 5 numbers were the same. I was wondering what are the odds that somebody you know would have the same last 4 or 5 numbers on the same type of card?

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