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  1. Def cosign.. I had this problem all day yesterday
  2. See your in SCOOP stars events tonight. GL ;) Ta en vinn for norge :)
  3. Weeeeeeeeeeee, proud of ya! Hope to see ya soon :D
  4. Thanks so much everyone! I still lurk here from time to time, and I rly appreciate all the support. The last couple of years have been like a dream for me, and I still cant believe how lucky I am to be in the position I'm in this early in my life. Its all so surreal. To be part of Fulltilt has always been something that seemed so far outta reach for me. Thankfully Betfair was willing to let me go cause they wanted what was best for me, which I'm very grateful for. I'd like to officially thank Betfair for everything they've done for me. Without them I wouldnt be the person or player I am tod
  5. Its been said before, but I'll say it again... U guys need to get off his back... gosh. Phil is definately still a winning tournament player, and altho he does very unconvential stuff that in some cases look really bad (because they are). He is still very tough to play against, and as far from a nit as u can be. He is also very passionate about the game and super competitive. He doesnt put on an act for the cameras. Its who he is. Like it or not, but hes keeping it honest and not trying to hide his feelings, like we're 'suppose' to do nowadays. Yes, curling up in a ball on the floor after b
  6. I disagree with raising bigger pre. I quite like small iso raises... ur goal isnt to make him fold pre, u just wanna get it hu and play a pot in position. Id prly bet smaller on the flop tho, or chk back and go for value on turn and river/bluffcatch if ur playing again someone who thinks checking is weak(which I assume he will since he openlimped pre). As played I would probably take on off as its really cheap and he will most likely shut down if hes bluffing and u can chk it down.
  7. Hi Annette I sent you a couple of messages in your mailbox. Not sure if that was the right place so I am trying here.
  8. Oh come on... give him some love. I thought it was funny :D
  9. I was in for 5400 in the 100r once. Ahh good old days when ppl used to gamble!
  10. Fold... its just 4s. KJ would be much more interesting
  11. I actually like the fold given the situation... I doubt flatter ever has anything but Ks+, and I think hed even 3b Ks some % of the time.
  12. If he didnt do this with Ks, then what r u afraid of? I'm calling all day every day. If I know his range isnt Qs+, then I dont care what he has, just get the money in.

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