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  1. but again...I deposit 2k again....i watch these same people sitting down playing multi tables so i thought play 5/10 limit so see if they r really Bots....i lost 175$....jump to 10/20 playing with whom playing multi tables...so let see if it's Bots....I actually won $750...and....sooo.....I really don't think they're Bots.. i watched a table and saw 3 whom i thought were Bots playing against each other......so mayb it's 1 of those unlucky days....However...i see 2 of them playing 5/6 tables at a time......but when he's head up against me...his bet/raise click was very fast...i really don't think any human being's brain can do things like that....i tried myself playing 4 tables at a time....i would go nuts and dump all my $ away in 20 Minutes........but i saw them lose their money also..so no 1 really knows .......if losing money is a Really Big deal for anyone playing online....I suggest Don't do it!

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