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  1. Good job on the Party poker iwn yesterday

  2. That seems very reasonable. Thanks for the explanation!
  3. I am sort of new to caring about the leaderboards, but am going to be pushing hard very shortly. I was wondering if someone could explain? To be at the top of the sliding leaderboard you need to have the highest amount of winnings using your top 40 cashes? Is this your top 40 cashes lifetime? Or is the sliding scale getting rid of scores from say a year ago? If it is top 40 lifetime that would seem a little flawed because players could be resting on laurels from scores 5 years ago? I know i would be pointed towards the monthly leaderboard for the most recent better cashes from players, but a leaerbaord for say the last 3/6/12 months cumulatively would be much more appealing for me to see. Again i would like to add i am a little clueless about all of this and am asking these questions politely. Maybe this could be a new feature? Some sick grinders out there from looking at some of these players!
  4. Sunday Mill Bad Beat Very unlucky man. I saw it in disbelief. The way you were playing it seemed you were definately going to win it, but i guess your not too fussed with the thousands you have already made! Keep it up. Ant<

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